Platform: Windows
ISP: BT Internet
Connection: Optic Fiber
Speed: 450.0 Mpbs
Date & Time: Unsure of exact date and time as was a couple of weeks ago now (GMT time zone)
Frequency: Once
Character: Searbury
Race: Elvaan F
World: Sylph
Main Job: WHM 61
Support Job: RDM
Area: Jugner Forest (S) (H-10)
Party or Solo: Solo
NPC Name: None
Monster Name: Cobraclaw Buchzvotch

I clicked on the correct ??? in Jugner Forest (S) and the NM Cobraclaw_Buchzvotch appeared and before I could kill it I was disconnected and now the ??? will not reappear.
I have zoned, logged in and out, waited for game day, earth day, Japanese midnight reset, update and clicked on the start NPC and still the ??? will not appear.

I have checked my Play Online and FFXI files and there is not a problem there , hope some one can help as this is preventing me from continuing with several storylines