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    Again this is still a rdm forum and it is being derailed. None the less, I have tested it many times over and I get 32 seconds, that is coming out of the menu 32 seconds. Often for some reason or another if my timer resets for one of the QD recast and I use the 2nd I have seen the recast drop an additional 5 seconds for some bizarre reason and I get the shot off faster, therefore I have learned to stagger my shots to get even quicker recast.

    I will no longer respond about cor in a rdm thread, if there is a cor discussion in the cor thread about it I would likely continue the topic. This may pertain to the game, but this thread is specifically for rdm, not cor.

    I found it fairly difficult to get a screenshot right as my quick draw went off, having to jump back in the menu and screenshot the best time I got on a screenshot was 30 seconds, I couldn't shave off the last 2 seconds while trying to SS
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    Seriously, stop pretending you are the top DD, you really aren't. Quoting bg-wiki all over the place makes you a parrot, not a God.