Hi guys,

After a 7yrs break and having played mages for ages, I recently decided to lvl BLU and got some questions regarding DW cap & Equip sets (With all the equipment available and recently obtained, I'm a bit lost).

1) Haste & DW:

Haste: I know you need to equip 25/26% of haste through gear to cap it by equipment.

DW: Cap at 80%
I read somewhere (Out of the BLU guide) that with capped gear haste & Erratic Flutter (30% haste) you need 56/57% DW reduction to cap it.

I assume that if I got the DWIII Trait with spells, I minus 25% from these 56/57%, i.e. I'd need 31/32% DW enhancing from gear ?

2) Earring:
Combo "Brutal Earring & Suppa" vs. "Steelflash Earring & Bladeborn Earring"
I've seen both and I dont really which one will be more efficient when accuracy is required and when it's not. When TP and when WS ?

TP in brutal/suppa for the DW enhancing from suppa and WS in Steelflash/Bladeborn ?

I got also the Digni. Earring with high acc and STP and the Ishvara Earring with WS damage +2%.

I guess the Digni earring applies when lack of accuracy.

What about the Ishvara, does it worth to switch to it for certain WS ?

3) Neck pieces:

- Are elemental gorget still valid for WS or should I use more recent ones like Sanctity or Clotharius ?

- Clotharius vs. Sanctity : is there any situation where I should use sanctity over Clotharius, cause I dont see alot ? Is there any situation where the +2acc and +10atk of the Sanctity can be better than the TA+1% SubtleBlow +4% of the Clotha ?

4) Belts:

Sarissapho. Belt = DEF:14 Haste+3% "Double Attack"+2% "Triple Attack"+2% "Subtle Blow"+5

Grunfeld Rope = DEF:9 STR+5 DEX+5 Accuracy+10 Attack+20 "Double Attack"+2%

Kentarch Belt +1 =DEF:14 Accuracy+14 "Double Attack"+3% Unity Ranking: "Store TP"+1~5

Dynamic Belt +1 = STR+4 Accuracy+11 Haste+6%

Twilight Belt = DEF:8 "Double Attack"+2% Haste+7%

So here I'm like too many choices lol

Is there any of those I should keep in MH for obvious reasons ?

Thank you for the feedback ;p