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Greetings everyone,

First let me start by properly introducing myself! My name is Zhexos and I'm with the community team and I've been working behind the scenes for our FFXI community for quite some time! As you can see from my avatar, I'm a Coeurl—a beast well known for their Blaster and Chaotic Eye skills to paralyze and silence players... but don't worry, I wouldn't dream of using them on you all!

With the introductions out of the way, let's move onto the juicy details! While I was chasing around Mandragoras and Tarutarus in Sarutabaruta, the wind carried rumors of a Tarutaru known for her (maniacal?) laugh planning to make her return this May.

In addition to this we're planning to hold the Alter Ego Extravaganza this year again. However, we're thinking it would be better to hold this event at a timing where we would have more returned players in-game, so we're scheduling it to coincide with plans for this event. We should be able to give more details on this soon, so we ask you to hang tight just a bit longer!
Nice to meet you! Can we expect to be hearing from you frequently?

Can you please remove the redundant trusts from the Extravaganzas? There is no reason why Tenzen and co. should be included for instance due to being added to the freebie/newbie ROEs. That would free up some space to replace with some of the more rare/high demand ciphers for regular distribution.