A good day to you, adventurers! Matsui here with your monthly version update rundown.

I’d like to present you with a list of what to expect in the next version update, scheduled for Tuesday, September 6.

The month will once again bring about new foes to tackle in Ambuscade together with different rewards. In the August version update, armor rewards finally came full circle, so this time we have prepared some tickets that can be exchanged for varying pieces of armor. As always, I must advise you to spend your hallmarks and badges of gallantry before the reset.

We’ll also be bringing you a new master trial to sink your teeth into. This time two particularly heinous fiends from one of our most difficult mission battles join the fray.

On the lighter side, quests to obtain new alter egos and mounts will be added—and hopefully you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see exactly who and what.

You can also expect a variety of quality-of-life adjustments, including adjustments to Walk of Echoes spoils, some changes to the synthesis system, and more detailed help text on food and drink items.

Below is a detailed chart of exactly what we’re planning for September. As always, these items are currently undergoing testing, and unforeseen issues may cause us to delay one or more items to a later update.

Mission and Quest-related
Implementation TimingUpdate Task and OverviewIn-progress TaskNotes
SeptemberNew quest・Create text-
SeptemberRecords of Eminence・Create text-
In-game Content and System-related
Implementation TimingUpdate Task and OverviewIn-progress TaskNotes
SeptemberAmbuscade・Add new notorious monsters-
SeptemberMaster Trial・Add new notorious monsters-
SeptemberRecords of Eminence・Add new objectives-
SeptemberWalk of Echoes・Adjust rewards-
SeptemberTrust・Add new alter egos-
SeptemberPersonal chocobo and mounts・Add new mounts
・Expand areas in which mounts can be ridden
・Add chocobo digging to other areas
SeptemberSynthesis・Adjust system-
SeptemberAuto-translate dictionary・Add new words-
SeptemberTitles・Add new title-
Implementation TimingUpdate Task and OverviewIn-progress TaskNotes
SeptemberSummoner・Adjust pet commands-
SeptemberMonsters・Adjust damage of AoE special attacks-
Implementation TimingUpdate Task and OverviewIn-progress TaskNotes
SeptemberAmbuscade・Create new reward items-
SeptemberMaster Trial・Create new reward items-
SeptemberCertain foods・Add help text-