To coincide with the July 2016 version update, Producer Akihiko Matsui held another Freshly Picked Vana'diel to go over some of the new content and discuss other topics pertinent to adventuring. The following is a digest of what was discussed.

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Hello, everyone. Matsui here.

Thanks for tuning into Freshly Picked Vana’diel 27 the other day. This time around we held the broadcast the day prior to the July version update and delivered all the information about what the update would bring into the game.

If you missed the stream or just want to check out the information once again, I’ve compiled a digest of all the content.

Table of Contents:
Mog Wardrobe 3 & 4
Version Update Overview
Master Trials
Newly Added Quests
Directly Picked Vana’diel
Top Secret!
  • Mog Wardrobe 3 & 4
    Along with the July version update, we implemented the Mog Wardrobe 3 & 4 optional service. I would like to let you know that this does not mean that the plan for FFXI moving forward is to go the microtransaction route, so please rest assured this is not the case.

    There are two main reasons why we decided to adopt our paid optional service plan.

    The first is to mitigate against the increased stress placed on the servers from storage. Besides the increased loading times for items that occurs for each character, it’s very important to consider the issue where adding inventory support to all characters would cause stress on the entire server. Thus, one of the main reasons why this is an optional service requiring a fee is to mitigate as much of this server stress as possible. We’re building an environment tailored to those who wish to expand their inventory.

    When looking into storage expansion, this is primarily the reason that it took so much time to make it happen. We decided to provide a fee-based optional service to accommodate players who absolutely felt that they needed more storage.

    The second reason was to gain capital for continued service of FFXI.

    When shifting service over to the Windows platform only, a great number of users moved from their previous platforms, which exceed our expected numbers. While this showed us good prospects, in order to ensure we can continue service for a long time to come we would like to do everything that we can.

    I’d appreciate it if you took this optional service as a service that was provided only for those that need it.
  • Version Update Overview
    In this segment we gave a quick overview of some of the major portions of the July version update and focused on gameplay to show it off.
    • Ambuscade
      Director Yoji Fujito tried his hand at the new Ambuscade challenge. Please be sure to check out the video to see the battle!

      We added a new item, Abdhaljs Dye, which allows you to add a new augment to your job-specific capes. I hope this helps to make even further enhancements.
    • Master Trial
      The second installment of the Master Trial features a battle against the beastmen elite. Fujito gave it his all during the stream, but there really isn’t much to tell about this…

      The reward for completion this time around is a great sword. Just like last time, this is a cosmetic item for prestige and has no stats.
    • Newly Added Quests
      New Mog Garden quests have been added, so I hope you enjoy the slapstick moogle drama! Finishing the quests will reward you handsomely with a new mount.
  • Directly Picked Vana’diel
    In this segment, we utilized the survey feature of Nico Nico Live Broadcasting to test knowledge on Vana’diel.

    In the quest “The Naming Game,” what name cannot be given to the airship?

    The survey yielded the following results:
    1. Pretty Duper Lovely C.I.D.: 10.3%
    2. Stellar Sonic King C.I.D.: 5.1%
    3. Ultra Invincible Armored Ragnarok: 62.4%
    4. Exciting Go-Go Happy C.I.D.: 22.1%

    The answer is 2.

    “Stellar” cannot be used as the first word, so this choice is not possible. I’m guessing what threw everyone off was the “Ragnarok” in the third choice; however, this is actually something that can be chosen for the fourth name.

    By completing this quest ten times, it becomes possible to unlock special choices for the fourth name, which can be used instead of “C.I.D.”

    During the Campaign Festa, which of the following items could not drop from Splitting Heirs?
    1. Heavy metal pouch: 27.1%
    2. Scarletite Ingot: 8%
    3. Ten thousand byne bill: 51.2%
    4. Umbral Marrow: 13.7%

    The answer is 4.

    Umbral marrow is a possible reward for Fiat Lux.

    There was a rumor floating around whether Splitting Heirs could drop a ten thousand byne bill, but this is actually true—it can. Ranperre goldpieces and Rimilala Stripeshells can also drop, but the rate is extremely low.

    Since this is part of the Campaign Festa it won’t be possible test it out right this moment, but we are planning to hold this again in August.

    The final question was a just a survey to see what capacity point bonus values players have on their beloved Mecistopins Mantle.
    1. 10-19%: 1.6%
    2. 20-29%: 4.4%
    3. 30-39%: 10.3%
    4. 40-49%: 38.2%
    5. 50%: 19.8%
    6. I don’t have one: 25.7%

    More than expected, there are a lot of people with capes that have a 50% bonus. The rate for obtaining a cape from a regular coffer is 1%, while getting one from a grand coffer is 10%. Additionally, getting a 10-32% bonus is a 90% chance, while getting a bonus from 33%-50% is a 10% chance.

    All in all, the chance for actually obtaining a cape with the 50% capacity point bonus is .05%.

    Speaking of capacity points, we haven’t had a campaign in a bit, so we’ll be holding one in August along with the much requested Alter Ego Expo.
  • Top Secret!
    You’ll have to check out the video for this!

    This is still in the testing phase and haven’t decide what will happen just yet, but stay tuned for an update!
The next Freshly Picked is scheduled for the version update to take place after the next. But in its stead, there will be a special live stream event held by the famous Destiny, so be sure to tune in!

I’ll see you next time!