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    Demand for a GMT LS for newcomers/returners in Bahamut?

    This is copy/pasted from the thread I posted a few days ago in the Bahamut section of FFXIAH forums:

    I started a LS for new and returning players in GMT zone. I will see if there is any interest for a while. This is most probably a futile attempt, but it doesn't hurt to try.

    I am not offering gearing people up or solo high tier stuff for people with multiboxed toons or anything like that. This is all about helping people get back on track by giving a hand with simple tasks which may include soloing some low tier Escha NMs, helping with missions/quests, Oboro access, basic game mechanics etc. (when I am not busy with events in my main LS) while, hopefully, providing a place for likewise players to team up themselves to make progress.

    If you are interested or know anyone who might be, feel free to contact me via /tell or PM. I have also left 5 pearls ("Linkclam") to the concierge NPC in Western Adoulin for now.

    I noticed some posters here had been looking for a LS to join, so thought I could also post a thread about it here. Although I guess the most, if not all, of the said posters are NA and might have already given up or even quit again, there might be some GMT among them who are still in need of a LS to get back on track in the game.
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