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    I -mostly- agree with you here, but as much as survivability, it's resistance to being completely disabled and useless.

    There's no way to get rid of amnesia, and it just SHUTS everything down for a certain amount of time. Charm messes with hate and gets people killed and also turns off DPS, can't remove it either. Because of the way TP works, monster special move frequency, and the amount of monster special moves with nasty disables, yes, we can remove alot of them, but when it's spamming 2-3 moves with 2-3 disables each (The monster can just do one move, and dispel 8-10 buffs on everyone which is rough to put back up, or slowga and silence everyone requiring a lot of effort to remove slow/re-haste/remove silence etc), it's very hard to keep up with, and all this time spent disabled just makes the melee useless compared to mages which can just avoid it all.

    It's not a matter of laziness or making things easier per-se I mean, we're completing the content now mostly... it's about it being far less efficient to do with melee, making melee never the right choice on the content, which is a balance problem.

    I'm not sure the exact answer, but it's somewhere between monsters not having such ridiculous effects on melees and the melees resisting/surviving these moves better.
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