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    In game Restoration

    Platform: PC
    ISP: Charter Spectrum
    Type of Internet Connection: Cable
    Internet Connection Speed: Download 66.01 Mbps, Upload 4.07Mbps
    Date & Time:16 June 2016, 5:30-555pm CST
    Frequency: Once
    Character Name: Ujio
    Race: Hume
    World: Quetzalcoatl
    Main Job: Monk
    Support Job: Warrior
    Area and Coordinates: Port Jeuno (E-6) near Oboro (NPC)
    Party or Solo: solo
    NPC Name: Oboro
    Monster Name: n/a
    Approximately around 530-555pm CST Thursday 16 June 2016, I was trading 10,000 Riftborn Boulders to Oboro to upgrade my Lvl 99 iLVL119 Verethragna. After I have traded all the boulders, Oboro did not want to accept my weapon. I had tried to retrieve my items back but the NPC stated I had 0 (zero) boulders. I am hoping that I can have my character rolled back to the time prior to me trading all my items to Oboro, or if I can have the upgraded Verethragna with the afterglow.

    I do want to thank GM Elrisivana for the assistance. Elrisivana was very helpful in assisting me place this report.

    Thank you in advance.
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