Platform: Windows 10
ISP: Modem
Type of connection: ADSL
Internet connection speed: 1Mbit/sec
Date and time: 26 mai 2016 20h00 GMT+2
Frequency: allways
Character name: Xkkefran
Race: Hume mâle
World; Phoenix
Main Job: Corsair lvl 99
Support job: Dancer lvl49
Area and coordinates: Ra'kaznar Inner court I-8
Party or solo: Solo
NPC name: Vertical transfer device
Monster name: None
- Mission seekers of adoulin " the key to the turris"
- I'm on the mission in my menu, i'm in front of the "vertical tranfer device", and, when i click on it, it says: The baffling gadget seems to serve as transport to the lower floors.
A GM in-game told me i have all the requirments, so i have to post a in game bugs report. I can't continue seekers of adoulin missions with this issue. I try complete all my current quest log, change job, repeat previous cutscene, the problem is still the same.