To coincide with the May 2016 version update, Producer Akihiko Matsui held another "Freshly Picked Vana'diel" to go over some of the new content and discuss other topics pertinent to adventuring. The following is a digest of what was discussed.

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Hello, everyone. Matsui here.
Thanks for tuning into Freshly Picked Vana’diel 26.

This latest episode focused on the May version update and various other information.

For those of you who weren’t able to watch the stream, or would just like to check out the content again, I’ve prepared an overview of everything.

Table of Contents:
Freshly Updated
Battle content: Ambuscade
Battle content: Master Trials
Other Additions and Adjustments
Directly Picked Vana’diel & What If Vana’diel…
Future Plans
  • Freshly Updated
    During this segment of the stream, we boiled down the biggest info from the May version update.
    I explained about the rotating content for Ambuscade as well as the newest battle content, Master Trials.

    • Battle content: Ambuscade
      Director Fujito challenged Ambuscade, and this time around instead of playing, I dedicated myself to commentary. I’m glad I was able to explain about certain aspects of this content without having to worry about the fight this time. Despite concerns (as well as a run in with Mortal Ray), Fujito pulled through and got the win!

      Continuing with Director Fujito’s battle challenge, we explained about the queueing system, the party-specific currency, Gallantry, the new reward items, and the limited-time equipment that can be purchased with Hallmarks this month.

    • Battle content: Master Trials
      Master Trials are a new form of content that was added in the May version update. This is extremely high level content that is geared towards those that have attained job mastery. This content has powerful enemies that will really allow your strong equipment to shine. We’re looking forward to adventurers who wish to push past their limits to challenge this.

      The reward for completing Master Trials is a rare-looking sword, but it does not have any stats. It is purely for prestige.

      In a future version update we will be adding opponents for Master Trials.

    • Other Additions and Adjustments
      In terms of quality-of-life improvements, we implemented a system for crystal storage. Not only will the NPC accept crystals, it also have a feature that allows you to exchange for clusters.

      Additionally, we added Superior 1 weapons to the weapon shop in Jeuno, and implemented new grips that can be made with synthesis.

  • Directly Picked Vana’diel and What If Vana’diel…
    In this segment, we utilized the survey feature of Nico Nico Live Broadcasting to directly explain certain tidbits of knowledge that may be common knowledge to some, yet a mystery to others. We also explored aspects of Vana’diel that could have been!

    We started off with Directly Picked Vana’diel, and asked the following question:

    “What monster has the longest body?”

    Viewers answered with the following:
    1. Hydra: 16.0%
    2. Isgebind: 12.7%
    3. Shinryu: 38.7%
    4. Sandworm: 32.6%
    The correct answer is Shinryu!

    You can clearly see why by looking at this image.

    Director Fujito actually mentioned that the legendary fish, Matsya, is much, much longer than Shinryu; however, the question was asking about monsters so this doesn’t count!

    Moving on to What If Vana’diel…

    There were plans to resurrect the Maelstrom Mage, Garazu-Horeizu.

    In the past there was a war between the Yagudo and the Tarutarus, and during this war, Garazu-Horeizu, an evil mage, controlled a Yagudo and began attacking Windurst.

    Essentially you can consider this character to be an ultra-evil Karaha-Baruha.
    The type of magic that we were trying to establish for this character was supposed to be quite deviant of the regularly used magic, and “Maelstrom” had to do with the fact it was structured after DNA double helix.

    There were two Tarutarus who were obsessed with reviving Garazu-Horeizu, and the idea was to have a story that showed them succeeding to do so.

    As to what Garazu-Horeizu wanted to summon using Maelstrom magic will remain a mystery.


    “There was an idea to have a defense force appear in Vana’diel.”

    This was a plan from the beginning days of FFXI that ended up getting canned. Essentially, it was composed of a large-scale battle content that could be done after defeating the Shadow Lord.

  • Future Plans
    As promised (forcefully) during the last broadcast, we showed off the Bomb mount. The lead developer managed to pull this off in a month.

    Additionally, we will be gradually expanding the areas in which mounts can be ridden. Naturally, you’ll also be able to dig with your chocobo as well. We’re planning to make improvements to chocobo digging, so please look forward to the changes.

    We’re also planning to add help text for effects of the newly added food items.

    Furthermore, we’re currently in the midst of examining portions of quests that are difficult to understand as well as the sticking points where you need to wait a day to proceed, and we’re working on adjustments for Domain Invasion.

The next version update is slated for June, and we will be taking a slight hiatus with Freshly Picked Vana’diel. However, the stream will return for the version update to follow the June version update.

I’ll see you all then!