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    Wrong Reward giving when begining "Forging a New Myth" Quest

    Platform: Windows

    ISP: Sky Broadband

    Type of Internet Connection: Fibre Optic

    Internet Connection Speed: 36 Mbps

    Date & Time: 10th April 2016. 15:30 approx

    Frequency: Once (First time i've made mythic weapon)

    Character Name: Alaurace

    Race: Hume F

    World: Carbuncle

    Main Job: White Mage 99

    Support Job: Scholar

    Area and Coordinates: Aht Urhgan Whitegate (L-9)

    Party or Solo: Party, 3 members

    NPC Name: "Imperial Whitegate"

    Monster Name: None


    Completed quest "Duties, Tasks and Deeds", recieved key item "Paparoon's Sealed Invitation"

    Started quest "Forging a new myth" but during the cutscene i was given Tizona weapon for Blue Mage instead of Yagrush weapon for White Mage!

    Please fix this, a mythic weapon is a lot of work, I do not want to have gone through all the requirements for the wrong weapon.

    Thank you
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