Platform: PC

ISP: iinet Australia

Type of Internet Connection: DSL

Internet Connection Speed: 10mb/1mb

Date & Time: 7PM AEST 07/04/2016

Frequency: Tier 2 and Tier 3 VNM's

Character Name: Solare

Race: Mithra

World: Leviathan

Main Job: THF99

Support Job: DNC49

Area and Coordinates: Abyssea - Uleguerand H-8 for T2, and G-9 for T-3

Party or Solo: Solo

NPC Name: August, Arceila, Apupupu, Shantotto, Zeid

Monster Name: T2 Chione, T3 Ogopogo

Steps: Rested as normal to pop VNM, did it on sneak/invisi as agro in the area. Chione took away my sneak/invisi, was doing damage, but I could not see her. Same steps for Ogopogo. They both appeared after some time. Chione not so bad, but Ogopogo almost killed me, and a lot of wasted effort.