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    Looking to get back into FFXI and need a LS

    I got back into FFXI last night. I dont know exactly what is going on or where to go now days. I did some of the new content before I stopped playing the last time but I am not sure how much of it exactly. I have quite a few jobs at 99. Most if not all are mostly that I leveled to 99 and then changed jobs. I didnt do much due to the fact I wasnt in a LS because most that were on were into end game content and needed geared people or they weren't inviting new people to the LS. I am looking for one to join now again. I want to do all the end game stuff. i want to gear up my characters and finally do content i have yet to ever see or do. If anyone has any LS that is looking for someone who need just a little help and will be good for end game content to have let me know. I am of course on Bahamut now but if there are better options out there on another server i would be willing to transfer.
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