As it stands now, Warrior is the only melee DD job in the game with no natural access to ability/magical type haste. Please note that I am counting Martial Arts and Dual Wield in with ability type haste as they do not count towards magical or equipment haste.

Samurai has Hasso. Dark Knight has Desperate Blow. Dragoon has ability haste from their wyvern. Ninja has very high amounts of dual wield. Dancer has a large amount of dual wield and Haste Samba. Thief has enough dual wield to cap their delay with appropriate gear. Monk has very high amounts of martial arts. Puppetmaster has martial arts and the ability to cast Haste II on themselves. Ranger, with jobs points and equipment can completely cap their ranged attack delay with Velocity Shot and Snapshot. Corsair has Courser's Roll and Snapshot. Even Bard, if you chose to melee, can sing marches. Red Mage can cast Haste II on themselves if you were to melee.
Beastmaster doesn't pull out their weapon, but their pets have a natural 20% ability haste from job points, and the Boar pet can self haste.

And of course we have Blue Mage, the only job that can completely cap their attack delay with a mixture of Mighty Guard, Erratic Flutter and Dual Wield without sacrificing large amounts of tp by overstacking Dual Wield.

So we are left with Warrior, Paladin and Rune Fencer.

Paladin and Rune Fencer both are exceptional tanks, and while both CAN deal damage, that is not their primary role nor does anyone expect it to be.

Warrior is not an exceptional tank. Aside from actions that create enmity, and the fairly weak buff that is defender, they have no real tanking ability. Retaliation doesn't stop incoming damage, it just grants TP for it's use. By using a sword, they can self heal somewhat using Sanguin Blade, but that stops them from being able to deal damage.

Warrior is not a tank. They are an off tank at best, but the same could be said of Samurai, Ninja and Dark Knight, who all have much better damage mitigation.

So Warrior is a pure DD job, and the only one without and sort of self haste/delay reduction, magical or job ability/trait. Why? Or better yet, how is this balanced when Blue Mage is able to completely cap their own delay reduction, and warrior cannot without Hasso, Haste Samba and capped magical haste? Or if single wielding it's just totally impossible.

Don't get me wrong, I feel Warrior is a pretty good job, all things considered. But all other DD jobs have other things they CAN do, whereas Warrior is only a Damage Dealer, and they have the short end of the stick. With extremely good gear, I believe they are among the best damage dealers in the hands of skilled players. But as a pure DD they are disadvantaged. Double attack is fine and dandy, but it's not an excuse to say that Warrior is somehow the only job that shouldn't be given some form of delay reduction.

Anyway, I don't expect anyone to respond. I don't believe any changes will be made. But in the current game state the majority of the playerbase essentially only takes a Blue Mage as a melee, because why bother taking any other damage dealing jobs? Is that just how it's going to be? I don't think Blue Mage needs to be brought down, I think other jobs need to be brought up. Not even Blue Mage is taken to 145 content. There is only on viable strategy for that content, and that isn't an ideal situation for a game with as many possibilities as FFXI.