Platform: Windows

ISP: Numericable

Type of Internet Connection: cable

Internet Connection Speed: 100mb/s

Date & Time: 16/03/2016

Frequency: Always

Character Name: Ninel

Race: Hume

World: Asura

Main Job: THF

Support Job: DNC

Area and Coordinates: Everywhere an Auction House is

Party or Solo: both


I have a problem sorting items at the auction house. They simply dont sort by alphabetical order making any item search painful and timesink. Mostly with all the crafting materials. The only items well shown are equipment set by level. Reseting list and sorting again dont work. Called a GM ingame and told me to do a software verification through playonline and couldnt help. He told me to post the issue here verification didnt work. My linkshell pals see all the crafting materials by alphabetical order normally.