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    (NULL) spell present, no trust magic

    Thread Title: (NULL) magic present, no Trust magic

    Platform: Windows

    ISP: Bell Canada

    Type of Internet Connection: Optic Fiber

    Internet Connection Speed: 5Mbit/s

    Date & Time: 2016/03/04 ~3pm EST
    Date and time of when the issue occurred. Please be sure to state the time zone of your region. (Example: Pacific Time = PST/PDT)

    Frequency: Unknown

    Character Name: Kensai

    Race: ElvaanM

    World: Carbuncle

    Main Job: DRK67

    Support Job: WHM

    Area and Coordinates: Excenmille, Northern San D'Oria

    Party or Solo: Solo

    NPC Name: Excenmille

    Monster Name: None

    - Attempted to do the quest for "Trust: San d'Oria"
    - despite a log message saying that I have learned "Trust: Excenmille", I have no Trust spells.
    - I have a "(NULL)" item in the magic list which has no category

    I was asked by a GM in game to perform "Check Files" using the Playonline Viewer. I have
    performed this check and no problems were found. I proceeded to log into the game and still have a
    (NULL) spell and no trust magic.

    UPDATE 2:
    I called for a GM for a status update, and I was asked by that GM in game to perform "Check Files"
    again, so I have. Again, no problems were found. I will summarize what I told the GM in game here
    for posterity's sake:
    • I have performed Trust: Windurst since I purchased and activated the latest expansion on my
      character Jooks, who is also on Carbuncle. I was able to receive the magic and use it with that
      character even though the (NULL) magic is present on Kensai still.
    • When I first performed Trust: San d'Oria I had not purchased or activated several of the latest
      expansions and it is possible that I was able to flag a quest that should not have been possible to
    • After purchasing and activating the expansions the (NULL) magic did not change for Kensai and
      I have been stuck in limbo for the quest because I cannot cast Trust: Excenmille and therefore
      cannot complete the quest and cannot obtain any trust NPCs.

    UPDATE 3:

    Out of frustration, called GM again today to offer to reinstall the game. Before this the GM suggested
    that I type the full command into the console: /magic Excenmille Kensai. I was able to cast the spell,
    but the (NULL) spell remained in my list. The GM suggested that I reinstall the game to resolve the
    issue. I went back to San D'Oria and tried to complete the quest but was unable to. Decided to zone
    to W. Ronfaure to try to follow quest instructions exactly (I was in The Bohyada Tree when I first
    cast Excenmille using the command prompt). I was able to cast Excenmille again using the keyboard
    and returned to Northern San D'Oria to complete the quest. I was now able to complete the quest,
    but the (NULL) spell remained. I then performed a few more Trust NPC quests and had three trust
    spells available in the magic list. I also noticed that I was able to sort, so I performed a sort and then
    suddenly Excenmille appeared. I checked my magic list and the (NULL) spell is now gone.

    This issue can now be considered resolved, and hopefully you can exercise the bug conditions again
    and resolve this so that it doesn't happen again.

    I would like to thank the GM who provided excellent and courteous assistance throughout and made
    this process a lot more tolerable.
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