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    Keep Exp bonus Lv.50-98


    i've just returned, and the exp bonus (+rhapsody) was a nice addition to start a new character. But now the bonus is done.

    I've leveled a RNG to 99, and the last 80-99 was really boring to level (no fun at all, no rewarding, nada...), as there was no challenge, just a rince and repeat until i level up...

    Now i'm leveling BLU, and the exp drop (campaign is over now), but it would have be nice to keep the double to triple bonus for leveling purpose (were the bonus doesn't take effect on Level.Sync or Lv.99, meaning to keep it for Lv.50-98, why not under 50 is that because it is so fast to level under this level).

    I'm following this guide :

    Well, the exp is still really nice as to before, but, as we play solo now, it's double boring that i'm asking myself if i should keep going (still, i'll probably do...).
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