Platform: PC
ISP: Verizon
Type of Internet Connection: DSL
Internet Connection Speed: 60mb/s
Date & Time: Feb 20 2016, 5:05pm EST
Frequency: All the time
Character Name: Angemon
Race: Hume
World: Asura
Main Job: Blue Mage
Support Job: Warrior
Area and Coordinates: Anywhere
Party or Solo: Both
NPC Name: Anything
Monster Name: Anything
1. Change to Blue Mage job
2. Have the spells Disseverment and Saurian Slide or go learn them.
3. Open the Blue Magic menu and scroll to these two spells, check the in-game help text. Saurian Slide decreases Attack and yet the description says "Decreases Defense"
Disseverment doesn't have the standard point description for its Accuracy Bonus, like it should. For example:

Frenetic Rip
Job trait: Accuracy Bonus (4)


Job trait: Accuracy Bonus.