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    Advice on building up a MNK?

    So, I'm starting to hit the point where I'm no longer as useless as I once was. I'm ilvl 119 across the board, got 901 acc before any buffs and food, and I'm a little unsure of where to go from here, what I should be building towards aside from pumping acc even higher for my TP set because you can never have enough.

    I see other jobs regularly tossing out attacks for 10-20k damage pop, while my weaponskills are more around 3-5k if I'm lucky. I don't know what I could do to even approach that, would searching for appropriate WS mods even make a difference of that magnitude? And assuming I did, wouldn't I then proceed to completely whiff my WS? Heck, I'm not even sure what WS is the right one to focus on, some days it feels like Asuran Fists is doing the best, others I get the feeling it should be shijin spiral or ascetic's fury... and I'm still working on unlocking Victory Smite.

    I've also begun thinking if perhaps I might be taking the wrong approach, that I should be thinking of MNK as a tank instead of a DD. Sure, it was a DD back in the 75 cap days, but it was an astounding tank in the abyssea days (Oh, the times when a MNK and a WHM could conquer the world). Mostly though, all the gifts we get from JP seem to be tanking focused. Oh sure, we get the occasional attack or accuracy boost, and get a WHOPPING reduction in base h2h delay from 280 to 270, but everything else that's MNK exclusive is all bonuses to guarding or countering. No wonder I feel so underwhelmed about the prospect of grinding CP when I look at MNK from a DD standpoint.

    But... if I did do MNK as a tank, there's two things I'm unsure how I'd deal with. The first is monster TP moves, which I can guard against (as noted by the ability to skill up on them, even AoE ones), but cannot counter against. Meaning on those enemies that auto-attack exclusively with TP moves I'd lose a large part of my defenses! The second is magic attacks. Neither of my native defenses help against magic, and between a defending ring, vocane ring, and twilight torque I'd only be pushing a mere -20% damage taken overall (or 13% if I put on a shadow ring and pray for procs). I could get another -6% magic damage taken over my earrings and back that I know of, still leaving me at 19-26 -mdt% at most, and given how absolutely vital an aegis is for a tank that just doesn't seem feasible. That said, maybe there's some pieces I don't know about that could fix this.
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