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    Quote Originally Posted by OmnysValefor View Post
    Nope, that is indeed reasonable. My PLD has a growing pile of JP and nothing to do with them. I wince every time he earns one. I'd be happy to pass a third of those on to a job that doesn't get much invite-love.

    I think that idea deserves its own thread. Once you're capped on a job, you should be able to talk to an npc somewhere and "buy" jp for another job at a 3:1 conversion rate.

    I agree with you, but also SE did say it will never happen, so I do only post about it as a sort of /chatmode fun thing, "wouldn't this idea be good if only," etc.

    I don't want to really push the boat out on this issue, as I know it will never happen XD.

    I just think there is a certain disparity between the very good intentions behind the system, and the way it actually plays out at ground level.

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    Just bumping this. Campaign is down again and desire to earn JP plummets.
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    i didn't know this thread, just saw it right after i've post something similar ~
    I'm a returning player, making a new char, exp was lovely during the campaign, no it's sad, i'm alone and bored lol.

    I don't know much about Job Point yet, i just know i'll need to end most of the missions line to earn a really good bonus...

    The exp bonus should remain full time on Lv.50-98, an (not) working on level sync.

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