Platform: multiple
ISP: not applicable
Type of Internet Connection: not applicable
Internet Connection Speed: not applicable
Date & Time: multiple
Frequency: always
Character Name: Ziyyigotipyigo
Race: TarutaruM
World: Sylph
Main Job: multiple
Support Job: multiple
Area and Coordinates: multiple
Party or Solo: not applicable
NPC Name: not applicable
Monster Name: Goblin Digger
  1. Goblin Diggers only appear to bury things once per 20 min or more.
  2. Base Chocobo rental time is only 30 min
  3. Therefore, a buried item can only be recovered once per rental, about once per half-hour
  4. Additionally, following a Goblin Digger in an area relatively far from a Chocogal is impractical due to travel time eating into Chocobo rental time
  5. This renders the completion of several quests that require Goblin Diggers, such as "Orlando's Antiques" (Other Areas) and "A Proper Burial" (Bastok) very difficult and time-consuming to complete, particularly with respect to their rewards.