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    "Cast Lot" disappeared from treasure pool menu

    Platform: Windows 8
    ISP: Kabel Deutschland
    Type of Internet Connection: DSL
    Internet Connection Speed: 105.625 kBit/s down, 5.952 kBit/s up, 32 ping

    Date & Time: since 14th December
    Frequency: Always
    Character Name: Aralays, Cyrisis
    Race: Tarutaru (both)
    World: Fenrir
    Main Job: varies
    Support Job: varies
    Area and Coordinates: varies
    Party or Solo: Party

    I cannot lot or pass on items in the treasure pool anymore. The only option I get in the pool is "Done", which passes all items. The options "Cast Lot" or "Pass" don't even appear in the list. It happens regardless of my state in the party (leader or not) or if I am quartermaster or not.
    I was able to cast lots the last time on Aralays on sunday, 13th when I did Legion with my linkshell. After this date I couldn't do it on neither character anymore.


    Update, 12th Feb 2016: Guys, I have no clue what you did, but since the update on wednesday, my "Cast Lot" is back on both characters. Thanks a lot.


    Update, 7th March 2016: The problem is back again. This time I noticed the problem on my second run in Nyzul Isle Investigation with Cyrisis. I died on my first run and last time it happened my party wiped in Legion. Could the bug be caused somehow by death in an instanced zone? The problem appeared again on both of my characters.
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