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    Please add colour-selection menu to JobMaster stars.

    Since it is possible to make a new LS and choose the colour and shade of the bubble displayed next to your name, would it please be possible to add an identical colour-menu option to the JobMaster! stars.

    Since both LS bubble and the stars are displayed with your name, I don't see why this would be a problem.

    I really love the stars, but I find the primary yellow colour a bit upsetting. If I were given a colour-menu option, I would choose a "burnished copper" or a "light rust" colour. I also think the stars would look beautiful in a "faded sky-blue" colour.

    This would mean I didn't have to disable the stars to escape the primary yellowness. On a larger scale, it would mean that all JobMasters are unique, their stars reflect their own personal colour/tone preference. It could be the final augment, the final character customisation.

    As I have said many times, I simply adore the Jobpoints/Gifts system, and I congratulate the FFXI Team for this outstanding achievement. And I do love "seeing stars" too!

    More generally, I submit another mega big thankyou to the FFXI Team, for all their hard work on RoV and the wonderful tweaks and new features they have added in recent years. Thankyou so very much for everything you've done to keep Vana'diel as the most magical and joyful place in the known universe.

    (Me wearing sunglasses to escape the primary yellowness!)
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