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    Chocobo Raising Stats

    [using table and numbers from Section 3.1 Chocobo Attributes]

    Any chance we can get the hard cap raised by three points? So very few raise Chocobos any more ((and even if they did), it would do no harm.

    So many in the past dreamed of a choco with SS, SS, C, C stats (str, end, dic, rcp). But it comes up jsut short of that. Even at 224 str and end (the lowest SS can be) that only leaves 189 points. The lowest Average can be is 96. So for both of them to be Avg, they need 192. THREE points short.. :'(
    I dont want to raise a chocobo thats viewed by others (npc's in this case) as 'A bit deficient'. So cruel!

    So im asking for a three point hard cap increase! Please!

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    In regard to the stat caps a chocobo can reach, we’ve designed it this way so that it is not possible to create a perfect chocobo. We’d like players to continue raising their chocobos with these stat caps in mind.
    Colby "Grekumah" Casaccia - Community Team