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For who is interested, atm I found a way for a "temporary fix".
Before this patch I used my Xbox360 controller without the triggers (they didn't work), and I had manually mapped CTRL and ALT macros to the left and right bumpers, and autorun on "start" in place of the "logout" function.
How to reactivate such a setup with the current problem?
Follow these steps:
  1. Go into the FFXI folder AND the ToolEU (US if you're american) subfolder
  2. Backup the xinputdll.dll file in each of those folders
  3. Delete the 2 files
  4. Load the FFXI Pad config application
  5. Select "Default" preset
  6. Proceed to re-set all the buttons and sticks the way you want them
  7. Exit and save

Success! You have now reactivate the pad config situation you had before the patch.
Now of course this is only a temporary solution until SquareEnix release an updated and fixed version of their xinputdll.dll, but until then it works good for me
This fix is not working for me when i do this my xbox 360 wired controller will not work at all for XI despite the "test gamepad" option in the config showing everything correctly.