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    FFXI-3202 Error Character Data Damaged

    This is a repost of my prior thread:

    The basis of this repost is this.

    1. Over 2 months have elapsed since this issue has occurred on August, 21 2015.
    2. The issue was posted shortly after on the bug forums, then incorrectly moved to "technical support" and later marked "resolved" when it has NOT been resolved:

    Subsequently after I saw the thread marked resolved I proceeded to add crysta to reactivate the account, only to find out that it has not been fixed. You can imagine myself and the others' frustration who are afflicted with this error on Asura.

    Per the instructions of a customer service representative with PlayOnline I was told to repost my thread and state what has recently occurred. Please rollback my character to August 18th - 20th, 2015. I'm aware I will lose any progress I made in such time.

    The players who have been affected by this issue during the Asura server outages in August, which is a bug not a technical issue, have wasted both our time and money. The person(s) managing the forums who marked the thread resolved are blatantly incompetent. Someone needs to address this issue or else both my husband and I will be filing a charge-back for the history our accounts.



    Type of Internet Connection:

    Internet Connection Speed:
    305 mbit/s

    Date & Time:
    08/21/2015 Between 8:00PM - 9:15PM PST.


    Character Name:

    Hume M


    Main Job:
    99 THF

    Support Job:
    49 DNC

    Area and Coordinates:
    Abyssea Altepa within the general vicinity of Veridical Conflux #8: D-11, D-12, E-11, E-12.

    Party or Solo:

    NPC Name:

    Monster Name:
    I cannot recollect which mob I was engaged with, if at all, it would be one of the following:

    Ironclad Smiter

    1. I was in Abyssea - Altepa killing the enemies mentioned to spawn the NM Ironclad Smiter, in order to obtain "Iron Plate's" for the Ochain shield magian trial.

    On 08/21/2015 and days before it the Asura server was experiencing multiple crashes. Players were affected from different regions of the world.

    2. On the night of 08/21/2015 an emergency maintenance was scheduled for 10PM PST. Between 8:00PM - 9:15PM PST the servers crashed again. I attempted to log back into my character for some time but to no avail. I ultimately decided that since a server maintenance was occurring anyway to resolve the issue, that I stood no chance of logging back in before then to resume playing.

    3. Once the server maintenance concluded I attempted to log into my character. During the sequence where it tries to notify the server to log in the following dialogue appears

    Error code: FFXI-3202
    Your character data may be damaged.
    Please contact PlayOnline support services.

    4. I attempted to log in again several times during the weekend since PlayOnline support was unavailable til Monday but again I was met with the same error. No other characters are on the account for me to attempt logging in with.

    5. I spoke with a few PlayOnline customer service representatives and per their requests attempted the following to resolve the issue.

    1. Check Files/Repair Files.
    2. Reset the router. Opened the following ports on the router.
    TCP 25, 80, 110, 443 and 50000 - 65535, UDP 53, and 50000 - 65535
    3. Cleared all previous cache and registry settings then reinstalled the game.
    4. Used a different PC with a fresh installation of the game.
    5. Re-synchronized my internet time on two different PC's.
    6. Logged into the account from a different IP/location

    After attempting all of this the representative informed me to make a bug report here on the official forums for a developer to review.

    I have noticed that a few other players are also experiencing the same issue since the night of Asura world's server crashes, located below:

    If necessary I genuinely welcome and request a rollback, preferably minor within a day or two prior to this incident. So long as it restores my character! I have put forth a considerable amount of effort on the character and enjoy spending time with friends and experiencing the content of the game. I hope that I do not lose too much data or the entire character itself.

    In the meantime I was advised to cancel my subscription. I have read in previous incidents of this error with character data damage with other players the downtime ranged from two weeks to months.

    If any other information is necessary of me please let me know and I will provide it as quickly as possible.
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