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    Augment Items (Augment Removal/Storage)

    One of the QoL adjustments I've always wanted SE to add ever since they implemented Augmentation system in this game, is the ability to either remove augments or ability to store/mail obsolete augmented gear to my mule.

    To be specific, I am talking about Skirmish, WKR and Delve gears. With more and more armor having augments (Sinister Reign, Escha, JSE Capes), player's inventory gets clogged up with items that either get replaced or become obsolete. Yes, tossing them is an option, but after spending millions of gil upgrading them, it just feels wrong to toss them aside.

    Please SE, think of a way to allow for augmented items to be stored or at least be mailed to another character under same SE ID. Thank you.

    P.S. Similar to removing augments from the old Sky gear, perhaps we can use Synergy to remove augments from things like Skirmish Armor/Weapons.

    P.S.S. Also, what are we supposed to do with the weapons we had to make in order to unlock Empyrean Weapon Skills? Are they completely useless now that we got the WS or do you have any future plans for them? Let us send them to our mule at least if we won't need them again. Thanks!

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    Thread Bump, I would also like to remove augmentations on skirmish gear so I can mule it, Thank you.

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    Thisis a great request. I hope SE replies!

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    There are no plans to create a system that would allow players to remove augments from gear or store augmented gear. This would take a lot of resources to adjust, and the development team would prefer to work on other tasks with higher priority.
    Colby "Grekumah" Casaccia - Community Team