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    [Devs] Alter Ego Expo request

    Would it be possible to add Physical Accuracy +100 to the Expo campaign benefits?

    Also, could you add a quest, or RoV key item, or some other way to give Trusts a permanent +50 acc boost? They already do low damage, so having accuracy issues lowers DD trust usefulness in many situations even further.
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    i think boosting dmg and acc would be best maybe have some end game quest that bufffs them DD ones even magic ones are kinda a joke. i know you dont wanna make them over powerful but gimmie a break.

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    Yes please, I really feel that support jobs and mages get let down by trusts because the damage output is so low and so few of the buffs are gamechangers for mages.

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    I think trust Tank need to stop doing Berserk and use Defender more because that's how they die in the first place. They can probably add some Damage taken - % for trust along with the boost to accuracy and attack so they don't get killed easily. To make a trust be more helpful is by allowing them to equip a full relic 119 or Empyrean 119 armor set when they are summon using item level 119 weapon and 119 armor.

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    There are no plans to adjust the benefits alter egos receive during the Alter Ego Expo.
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