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    • The following quest has been added.
      • In the Land of the Blind
        Name:  Event01.jpg
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        Speak to Behsa Alehgo in Eastern Adoulin (J-7) after fulfilling the following prerequisites.
        • Be in possession of the pioneer's badge key item
        • Have completed the quest Eye of the Beholder
        • Have achieved an Adoulin fame rank of 3 or greater.
    • Mog Gardens have undergone the following additions and adjustments.
      • Rank 6 has been unlocked and is accompanied by the following additions.
        • Two new types of creatures may be reared.
          Name:  Event02.jpg
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Size:  17.7 KBName:  Event03.jpg
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Size:  17.6 KB
        • The following items may now be fed to reared creatures.
          Fire cluster / Ice cluster / Wind cluster / Earth cluster / Lightning cluster / Water cluster / Light cluster / Dark cluster / Buffalo meat / Beastly shank / Savory shank / Hydra meat / Gabbrath meat / Warthog meat
        • New Chacharoon ‘s Cheer effects have been added.
      • When a new monster is automatically named, it will no longer have the same name as that of an existing monster.
      • Monsters in the rearing grounds are more active than previously.
    • Records of Eminence has undergone the following additions.
      • New objectives have been added.
      • The following currencies may now be obtained in exchange for copper A.M.A.N. vouchers.
        1000 pinches of Escha silt / 1000 resistance credits
    • Unity Concord has undergone the following additions.
      Name:  Event04.jpg
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Size:  12.5 KB
      • New Wanted notorious monsters have been added to the following areas.
        * Players are now able to choose where in the area they would like to teleport to in cases where there are multiple Wanted targets in the same area.
        Behemoth's Dominion / The Boyahda Tree / Valley of Sorrows / Lufaise Meadows / Misareaux Coast / Mt. Zhayolm
      • Players may now teleport to the following areas via the Wanted NPC.
        Behemoth's Dominion / Valley of Sorrows / Mt. Zhayolm
    • The amount of bayld earned from lair reives, colonization reives, and wildskeeper reives has been increased.
    • A system message will now display when progress in the mission storyline from a particular expansion prevents a key character from appearing in the Rhapsodies of Vana'diel storyline, rending the player to become unable to progress.
    • The respawn time for the following notorious monsters in the San d'Oria missions has been decreased from ten minutes to three minutes.
      Sabotender Enamorado/Corrupted Yorgos/Corrupted Soffeil/Corrupted Ulbrig/
      Marauder Dvogzog/Valor/Honor/Nio-A/Nio-Hum
    • The respawn time for the following notorious monsters in the Bastok missions has been decreased from ten minutes to three minutes.
      Eastern Sphinx/Western Sphinx/Magma/Salamander/Mokkurkalfi/Centurio IV-VII/
      Triarius IV-XIV/Princeps IV-XLV/Gordov's Ghost/Dervo's Ghost/Gizerl's Ghost
    • The respawn time for the following notorious monsters in the Windurst missions has been decreased from ten minutes to three minutes.
      Jack of Cups/Jack of Batons/Jack of Swords/
      Jack of Coins/Queen of Swords/Queen of Coins
    • The respawn time for the following notorious monsters in the Rise of the Zilart missions has been decreased from ten minutes to three minutes.
      Tipha/Carthi/Axesarion the Wanderer/Ancient Weapon/
      Legendary Weapon/Doomed Pilgrims/Ancient Vessel
    • Coalitions have undergone the following adjustments.
      • Edifying a coalition has been made easier.
      • Coalition ranks decrease at a slower rate.
      • The rewards for coalition assignments have been adjusted.
        * The values displayed are for one imprimatur.
        <<Pioneers' Coalition>>
        ProcureCeizak Battlegrounds15001500750750
        ProcureForet de Hennetiel2000200012501250
        ProcureMorimar Basalt Fields2000200012501250
        ProcureYorcia Weald3750375027502750
        ProcureMarjami Ravine3000300022502250
        ProcureKamihr Drifts4500450022502250
        ProcureCirdas Caverns2500250015001500
        ProcureOuter Ra'Kaznar6000600037503750
        ClearCeizak Battlegrounds17501750750750
        ClearForet de Hennetiel2500250010001000
        ClearMorimar Basalt Fields2500250010001000
        ClearYorcia Weald5000500025002500
        ClearMarjami Ravine4250425020002000
        ClearKamihr Drifts6000600030003000
        ClearCirdas Caverns4000400015001500
        ClearOuter Ra'Kaznar7000700035003500
        <<Peacekeepers' Coalition>>
        PreserveCeizak Battlegrounds17501750750750
        PreserveYahse Hunting Grounds1750175010001000
        PreserveForet de Hennetiel3250325012501250
        PreserveMorimar Basalt Fields3250325012501250
        PreserveYorcia Weald5000500025002500
        PreserveMarjami Ravine5000500022502250
        PreserveKamihr Drifts6000600027502750
        PreserveCirdas Caverns4000400015001500
        PreserveOther Ra'Kaznar7000700030003000
        PatrolRala Waterways25002500750750
        PatrolSih Gates2500250010001000
        PatrolMoh Gates2500250010001000
        PatrolCirdas Caverns4250425015001500
        PatrolDho Gates4250425050005000
        PatrolWoh Gates6000600050005000
        PatrolOuter Ra'Kaznar8000800032503250
        <<Couriers' Coalition>>
        ProvideForet de Hennetiel12501250750750
        ProvideMorimar Basalt Fields12501250750750
        ProvideYorcia Weald2500250017501750
        ProvideMarjami Ravine2500250015001500
        ProvideKamihr Drifts3500350025002500
        DeliverForet de Hennetiel2000200020002000
        DeliverMorimar Basalt Fields2000200020002000
        DeliverYorcia Weald2500250032503250
        DeliverMarjami Ravine2500250030003000
        DeliverKamihr Drifts4500450035003500
        SupportCeizak Battlegrounds10001000500500
        SupportForet de Hennetiel1500150025002500
        SupportMorimar Basalt Fields1500150025002500
        SupportYorcia Wald3000300035003500
        SupportMarjami Ravine3000300035003500
        SupportKamihr Drifts3500350040004000
        <<Scouts' Coalition>>
        SurveyCeizak Battlegrounds10001000500500
        SurveyForet de Hennetiel1500150015001500
        SurveyMorimar Basalt Fields1500150015001500
        SurveyYorcia Weald3000300030003000
        SurveyMarjami Ravine3000300030003000
        SurveyKamihr Drifts3500350032503250
        SurveySih Gates12501250750750
        SurveyCirdas Caverns2000200020002000
        SurveyDoh Gates2500250020002000
        SurveyWoh Gates3500350020002000
        AnalyzeForet de Hennetiel2250225012501250
        AnalyzeMorimar Basalt Fields2250225012501250
        AnalyzeYorcai Weald4000400020002000
        AnalyzeMarjami Ravine4000400020002000
        AnalyzeKamihr Drifts4750475025002500
        AnalyzeCirdas Caverns2750275017501750
        AnalyzeOuter Ra'Kaznar5500550025002500
        <<Inventors' Coalition>>
        GatherRala Waterways10001000500500
        GatherCeizak Battlegrounds10001000750750
        GatherYahse Hunting Grounds10001000750750
        GatherForet de Hennetiel1750175012501250
        GatherMorimar Basalt Fields1750175012501250
        GatherYorcia Weald3250325022502250
        GatherMarjami Ravine2750275022502250
        GatherKamihr Drifts4000400027502750
        GatherSih Gates1250125010001000
        GatherMoh Gates1250125010001000
        GatherCirdas Caverns2250225015001500
        GatherDho Gates2750275017501750
        GatherWoh Gates4000400017501750
        GatherOuter Ra'Kaznar4750475030003000
        GatherRa'Kanar Inner Court4750475032503250
        <<Mummers' Coalition>>
        RecoverCeizak Battlegrounds1500150015001500
        RecoverForet de Hennetiel2000200015001500
        RecoverMorimar Basalt Fields2000200015001500
        RecoverYorcia Weald3750375025002500
        RecoverMarjami Ravine3000300022502250
        RecoverKamihr Drifts5250525035003500
        ResearchRala Waterways17501750750750
        ResearchCeizak Battlegrounds2500250010001000
        ResearchForet de Hennetiel4000400017501750
        ResearchMorimar Basalt Fields4000400017501750
        ResearchYorcia Weald6000600032503250
        ResearchMarjami Ravine5000500027502750
        ResearchKamihr Drifts8000800037503750
        BoostForet de Hennetiel17501750500500
        BoostMarjami Ravine3500350020002000
        BoostKamihr Drifts5000500030003000
    • When having Ghanraam in Aht Urhgan Whitegates (K-10) craft the following items, the amount of time that must pass has changed from Japanese midnight to Vana'diel midnight.
      Ares's Mask / Ares's Cuirass / Ares's Gauntlets / Ares's Flanchard / Ares's Sollerets / Skadi's Vistor / Skadi's Cuirie / Skadi's Bazubands / Skadi's Chausses / Skadi's Jambeaux / Usukane Somen / Usukane Haramaki / Usukane Gote / Usukane Hizayoroi / Usukane Sune-Ate / Marduk's Tiara / Marduk's Jubbah / Marduk's Dastanas / Marduk's Shalwar / Marduk's Crackows / Morrigan's Coronal / Morrigan's Robe / Morrigan's Cuffs / Morrigan's Slops / Morrigan's Pigaches
    • Monisette in Port Jeuno (I-8) will now hold the following items for players.
      Rem's Tale Chapter 1 / Rem's Tale Chapter 2 / Rem's Tale Chapter 3 / Rem's Tale Chapter 4 / Rem's Tale Chapter 5 / Rem's Tale Chapter 6 / Rem's Tale Chapter 7 / Rem's Tale Chapter 8 / Rem's Tale Chapter 9 / Rem's Tale Chapter 10
      * Players must have the ability to reforge artifact, relic, and/or empyrean equipment in order to store these items with Monsiette.
      * Up to 255 may be stored.
    • NPCs who accept unwanted equipment have been added.
      Trade specific equipment to an A.M.A.N. reclaimer in Southern San d'Oria (G-10), Bastok Markets (E-11), or Windurst Woods (J-10) to receive reclamation marks. For every 1,000 reclamation marks, the reclaimer will store one copper A.M.A.N. voucher.
      * Players must have completed the Records of Eminence objective First Step Forward to take advantage of this service.
      * Certain ammuniation and shurikens must be located in a pouch in order to trade them.
      • Applicable equipment
        Equipment obtained from the following sources may be traded in.
        Wanted battles* / Geas Fete / Domain Invasion / Sinister Reign
        * Only battles added on or after the Thursday, January 15, 2015 version update.
    • Monster types and locations in the following dungeons have been adjusted.
      Sih Gates / Moh Gates / Dho Gates /Woh Gates / Outer Ra'Kaznar / Ra'Kaznar Inner Court
    • The following monsters have had their names adjusted.
      South GustabergLizardBouncing BerthaBounding Belinda
      Escha – Ru'aunFlanPanna CottaAsida
      Escha – Ru'AunPteraketosPakicetPakecet
      Escha – Ru'AunPugilPakicet's PugilPakecet's Pugil
      Escha – Zi'TahCouerlYaliVyala
      Arrapago ReefLeechNergalNirgali
    • The following quests have been adjusted.
      • In the Name of Science
        Hints will now display regarding the items required for completion.
      • Scholar Equipment
        The conditions under which indescript markings appear have been adjusted.
    • New chairs compatible with the /sitchair command have been added.
      Portable container / ChocobocChair / Ephramadian throne / Shadow throne
      Name:  Event05.jpg
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Size:  14.4 KBName:  Event06.jpg
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Size:  15.7 KB
      Name:  Event07.jpg
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Size:  15.8 KBName:  Event08.jpg
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Size:  16.3 KB
      * Commands for sitting in these chairs are /sitchair 5, 6, 7, and 8, respectively.
    • Geomancer and Rune Fencer job emotes have been added.
      Name:  Event09.jpg
Views: 32
Size:  33.5 KBName:  Event10.jpg
Views: 31
Size:  47.1 KB
      * The commands to execute these emotes are "/jobemote geo" and "/jobemote run," respectively.
    • New designations have been added.
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    • New High-Tier Battlefields have been added.
      ★One to Be Feared

      Name:  Battle01.jpg
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Size:  20.3 KBName:  Battle02.jpg
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Size:  16.4 KB

      Name:  Battle03.jpg
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Size:  18.2 KB
      • Joining the Fray
        A key item is required to enter each battlefield. Speak to one of the following NPCs to exchange merit points for an appropriate key item.
        • Trisvain in Northern San d'Oria (J-7)
        • Raving Opossum in Port Bastok (J-11)
        • Mimble-Pimble in Port Windurst (L-5)
      • Required Key Items
        BattlefieldRequired Key ItemRequired Merit Points
        ★One to Be FearedFeared One phantom gem15
        ★DawnDawn phantom gem
        *Players must be level 95 or greater and have completed the normal versions of the appropriate mission battlefield in order to receive its key item.
      • Selecting Difficulty
        Each mission battlefield is divided into five levels of difficulty. Boss strength, number and drop rate of spoils, as well as content level, increase in line with difficulty.
        DifficultyContent Level
        Very Easy113
        Difficult119 and greater
        Very Difficult119 and great
      • Battlefield, Boss, and Entry Restrictions
        Battlefield NamePoint of EntryBossEntry Restrictions
        ★One to Be FearedSealion's DenOmega
        No level requirements.
        Time limit: 30 m.
        Maximum number of participants: 6.
        ★DawnEmpyreal ParadoxPromathia
      • Spoils
        Spoils are rewarded both for vanquishing the boss and clearing the battlefield, and include items needed for reforging artifact, relic, and empyrean equipment in addition to equipment unique to each battlefield.
        • Chapters of Rem's Tale will be awarded as follows
          Battlefield NameChapter Number
          ★One to be FearedChapter 10
          ★DawnChapter 9
    • Geas Fete has undergone the following additions.
      • New notorious monsters have been added to Escha – Ru'Aun
      • New grisly trinkets have been added.
        These items can be acquired by speaking with Dremi in Escha – Ru'Aun (H-11) and exchanging the appropriate items. As with previous trinkets, they can be used to summon even more powerful notorious monsters.
        * 10 particular key items are required, and all ten will be lost upon trade.
        * This trade does not require any escha silt.
    • Domain invasion has undergone the following additions and adjustments.
      • A new evaluation system has been added.
        Players will receive capacity points*1 and escha silt based on their evaluation at set intervals.
        Additionally, players who have reached a certain minimum evaluation will receive rewards when the monsers is vanquished. Notably, those who have received a certain level or higher will receive increased amounts of escha beads*2.
        *1 Players must be in possession of a key item job breaker.
        *2 The minimum amount of beads has been reduced from 300 to 100.
      • The detection radius of notorious monsters and spawned monsters has been decreased.
      • The number of monsters spawned by notorious monsters will now fluctuate based on the number of participants.
      • The respawn time of monsters spawned by notorious monsters will now fluctuate based on the number of participants.
      • When a notorious monster is not in combat, the monsters it spawns will despawn.
      • After combat has ended, the white magic spell Raise III will be cast upon players who have been knocked out.
    • The drop rate of the following items dropping in Sinister Reign has been increased.
      Cipher: Ingrid II / Cipher: August / Cipher: Rosulatia
    • A new system for acquiring rewards from Vagary has been added.
      Players can receive rewards by interacting with the odyssean passage located in Leafallia (H-8) while in possession of particular key items.
      • Key items
        A total of five key items are required to receive rewards, and will be lost upon trading.
        Key ItemNotorious Monster
        Fabricated ward of impurityPalloritus
        Fabricated ward of miasmaRancibus
        Fabricated ward of biting windsPutraxia
        Fabricated ward of ashen wingsPerfidien
        Fabricated ward of the false kingPlouton
      • Exchanging items
        Collect each of the items and interact with the odyssean passage. Methods differ by items.
        • Equipment
          One item other than tartarus platemail that can be obtained from Vagary.
        • Materials
          One item that can be obtained in Vagary.
        • Random
          One random item or piece of equipment from Vagary.
    • Notorious monster HP in Incursion will now decrease in parties of five or fewer players in line with the total number of players.
    • Delve has undergone the following adjustments.
      • Notorious monster HP will now decrease in parties of five or fewer players in line with the total number of players.
      • The HP of notorious monsters appearing outside of fractures and sealed domains has been decreased.
    • Time limitations when entering Einherjar with a party of five or fewer players have been abolished.
    • The effects of the following special abilities used by Glavoid in Abyssea – Tahrongi and Laidly Laurence in Voidwatch have been adjusted.
      Gorge / Disgorge
    • The Trust initiative has undergone the following adjustments.
      • The following alter egos will now fight from range.
        Shantotto / Cherukiki / Semih Laflihna / Kukki-Chebukki / Margret / Makki-Chebukki /
        Tenzen II / Apururu (UC) / Yoran-Oran (UC)
      • Action logic for the following alter egos has been adjusted.
        Cherukiki / Kukki-Chebukki
      • Abenzio's movements will no longer cause gamepads to vibrate.
      • Alter egos may now be called forth in the following areas.
        Abyssea – La Teina / Abyssea – Konschtat / Abyssea - Tahrongi / Abyssea – Vunkerl / Abyssea – Misareaux /
        Abyssea – Attohwa / Abyssea – Altepa / Abyssea – Uleguerand / Abyssea – Grauberg / Abyssea – Empyreal Paradox
      • Alter egos may now be called forth in legion.
        * Alter egos may be called forth even if the player has enmity on a target.
    • Dark Knight
      • The recast time and effect duration of scarlet delirium have been adjusted.
        • Recast delay: From 180 seconds to 90 seconds
        • Before taking damage: from 180 seconds to 90 seconds
        • After taking damage: from 60 seconds to 90 seconds
      • The duration of the maximum HP bonus effect of Drain II and Drain III has been increased from 60 seconds to 180 seconds.
      • The effect duration of dread spikes has been increased from 60 seconds to 180 seconds.
      • The duration of the following spells now increase by dark magic skill.
        Absorb-ACC / Absorb-STR / Absorb-DEX / Absorb-VIT / Absorb-AGI / Absorb-INT / Absorb-MND / Absorb-CHR
    • Beastmaster
      • The range of the following abilities has been reduced.
        Ready / Sic / Spur / Run Wild / Reward
    • Ninja
      • The casting time of Myoshu: Ichi and Kakka: Ichi has been decreased from four seconds to three seconds, and their durations has been increased from 180 seconds to 300 seconds.
    • Dragoon
      • The amount of HP reduced when using Spirit Link has been decreased.
        * The amount of HP the wyvern recovers remains unchanged.
      • TP is no longer consumed when wyverns use breath abilities.
        * In line with this adjustment, the Healing Breath has an effect similar to that when TP is consumed.
    • Summoner
      • Apogee's recast time has been reduced from 300 seconds to 180 seconds and the amount of enmity it generates upon use has been decreased from 320 to 80.
      • The range of the following pet commands will be increased.
        Assault / Blood Pact: Ward / Blood Pact: Rage
    • Blue Mage
      • The following blue magic spells have been added.
        Spell nameLearnable From
        Mighty Guard*Shinryu
        Cruel Joke*Defiants
        Tearing Gust*Macuils
        * These abilities are only usable under the effects of Unbridled Learning.
    • Corsair
      • Phantom rolls have undergone the following adjustments.
        Beast RollPet: Increases attackPet: Increases attack and ranged attack
        Drachen RollPet: Increases accuracyPet: Increases accuracy and ranged accuracy
    • Puppetmaster
      • Combat and magic skills for the following automatons have been increased.
        ValoredgeMelee skill
        SharpshotRanged skill
        StormwakerMagic skill
      • The following group 1 merit point categories have been adjusted.
        Pre-adjustmentPost-adjustmentNew Effect
        Melee Skill
        Automaton SkillsAdjust valoredge, sharpshot, and stormwaker automaton skills by 2 points.
        Automaton Ranged SkillMaintenance RecastShorten recast time by 3 seconds.
        Magic Skill
        Repair EffectIncrease amount of HP restored by 2%.
    • Scholar
      • The levels at which the following spells are acquired have been decreased.
        Spell nameLevel
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    • New items have been added
      Name:  Item01.jpg
Views: 24
Size:  14.3 KBName:  Item02.jpg
Views: 40
Size:  14.8 KB
    • New equipment has been added.
    • New synthesis recipes have been added.
      • The following foods have been added.
        FoodEffect DurationEffects
        Pork Cutlet Rice Bowl180 mHP+60 MP+60 STR+7 VIT+3 AGI+5 INT-7
        Attack+23% (Max Value:125) Ranged Attack+23% (Max Value:125)
        <FIR>+20 Store TP+4
        Pork Cutlet Rice Bowl +1240 mHP+65 MP+65 STR+8 VIT+4 AGI+6 INT-8
        Attack+24% (Max Value:130) Ranged Attack+24% (Max Value:130)
        <FIR>+21 Store TP+5
        Behemoth Meat5 mHP+10 MP-10 STR+6 INT-8 "Demon Killer" +5
    • The following synergy recipes have been added
      <<Skill Rank: Amateur>>
      ItemReq. SkillIngredients
      Track Shirt +1-Track Shirt, Track Shirt
      Track Pants +1-Track Pants, Track Pants
      <<Skill Rank: Craftsman>>
      ItemReq. SkillIngredients
      Combatant's Torque-Carnal Torque, Decimus Torque, Billious Torque, Agelast Torque, Maskirova Torque, Yarak Torque, Acantha Torque
      Incanter's Torque-Mellic Torque, Henic Torque, Deceiver's Torque
      <<Skill Rank: Artisan>>
      ItemReq. SkillIngredients
      Porxie ArrowWood WorkingUrunday Lumber, Ra'Kaznar Arrowheads, Porxie Fletchings
    • A new quiver has been added for storing porxie arrows.
    • A new pouch has been added for storing seki shuriken.
    • The King Behemoth notorious monster will now also drop behemoth meat.
    • Food has undergone the following changes.
      ItemPrevious EffectsNew Effects
      Butter CrepeHP+10% (Max Value: 10) Magic Acc.+2 Magic Defense+1HP+10% (Max Value: 10) Magic Acc.+20% (Max Value: 25) Magic Defense+1
      Crepe DeliceHP +10% (Max Value: 15) Magic Acc.+3 Magic Defense +2HP +10% (Max Value: 15) Magic Acc.+21% (Max Value: 30) Magic Defense +2
      Ham and Cheese CrepeHP+10% (Max Value: 25) STR +2 VIT +1 Magic Acc.+1 Magic Defense +3 Healing HP +2HP+10% (Max Value: 25) STR +2 VIT +1 Magic Acc.+10 Magic Defense +3 Healing HP +2
      Crepe PaysanneHP +10% (Max Value: 30) STR +2 VIT +1 Magic Acc.+2 Magic Defense +4 Healing HP +3HP +10% (Max Value: 30) STR +2 VIT +1 Magic Acc.+15 Magic Defense +4 Healing HP +3
      Mushroom CrepeMP +10% (Max Value: 30) MND +2 Magic Acc.+1 Magic defense +5MP +10% (Max Value: 30) MND +2 Magic Acc.+10 Magic Defense +5
      Crepe ForestiereMP +10% (Max Value: 35) MND +2 Magic Acc.+1 Magic Defense +6MP +10% (Max Value: 35) MND +2 Magic Acc.+15 Magic Defense +6
      Chocolate CrepeHP +5% (Max value: 15) Magic Acc. +4 Magic Defense +1 Healing MP +2HP +5% (Max value: 15) Magic Acc. +20% (Max value: 35) Magic Defense +1 Healing MP +2
      Crepe CapriceHP +5% (Max value: 20) Magic acc. +5 Magic defense +1 Healing MP +3HP +5% (Max value: 15) Magic Acc. +21% (Max value: 40) Magic defense +1 Healing MP +3
      Pear CrepeINT +2 Magic Acc. +6 Magic Defense +1 Healing MP +2INT +2 Magic Acc. +20% (Max value: 45) Magic Defense +1 Healing MP +2
      Crepe Belle HeleneINT +2 Magic Acc. +7 Magic Defense +1 Healing MP +3INT +2 Magic Acc. +21% (Max value: 50) Magic Defense +1 Healing MP +3
    • The following items can now be added to Moogle Storage Slips.
      • Storage Slip 19
        Waders / Carpenter's Gloves / Smithy's Mitts / Shaded Specs. / Magnifying Specs. / Tanner's Gloves / Protective Specs. /
        Caduceus / Chef's Hat / Fisherman's Apron / Carpenter's Apron / Blacksmith's Apron / Goldsmith's Apron /
        Weaver's Apron / Tanner's Apron / Boneworker's Apron / Alchemist's Apron / Culinarian's Apron /
        Fisherman's Smock / Carpenter's Smock / Blacksmith's Smock / Goldsmith's Smock / Weaver's Smock /
        Tanner's Smock / Boneworker's Smock / Alchemist's Smock / Culinarian's Smock / Craftman's Ring: Wood Working /
        Craftman's Ring: Smithing / Craftman's Ring: Goldsmithing / Craftman's Ring: Clothcraft /
        Craftman's Ring: Leathercraft / Craftman's Ring: Bonecraft / Craftman's Ring: Alchemy /
        Craftman's Ring: Cooking / Net and Lure / Carpenter's Kit / Stone Hearth / Gemscope / Spinning Wheel /
        Hide Stretcher / Bonecraft Tools / Alembic / Brass Crock / Fishing Hole Map / Drawing Desk /
        Mastersmith Anvil / Fool's Gold / Gilt Tapestry / Golden Fleece / Drogaroga's Fang / Emeralda /
        Cordon Bleu Set / Fisherman's Sign / Carpenter's Sign / Blacksmith's Sign / Goldsmith's Sign /
        Weaver's Sign / Tanner's Sign / Boneworker's Sign / Alchemist's Sign / Cullinarian's Sign /
        Fishermen's Stall / Carpenter's Stall / Blacksmith's Stall / Goldsmith's Stall / Weaver's Stall /
        Tanner's Stall / Boneworker's Stall / Alchemist's Stall / Culinary Stall / Carbie Cap /
        Carbie Cap +1 / Buffalo Cap / Track Shirt / Track Pants / Track Shirt +1 / Track Pants +1 /
        Harvest Pastry / Botulus Suit / Botulus Suit +1
    • The following items can now be equipped by jobs according to the table below.
      ItemPrevious Equippable JobsNew Equippable Jobs
      Ternion DaggerWAR/BLM/RDM/THF/PLD/DRK/
      Ternion Dagger +1WAR/BLM/RDM/THF/PLD/DRK/
      Caballero GauntletsPLD/DRKWAR/PLD/DRK
    • The following items' stack limit has been raised from 12 to 99.
      Orthrus's Claw / Dragua's Scale / Apademak's Horn / Isgebind's Heart / Alfard's Fang / Azdaja's Horn /
      Iron Plate / Colorless Soul / Glavoid Shell / Two-leaf Chloris Bud / Helm of Briareus /
      Carabosse's Gem / Fistule Discharge / Kukulkan's Fang / Itzpapalotl's Scale / Ulhuadshi's Fang /
      Sobek's Skin / Cirein-croin's Lantern / Bukhis's Wing / Sedna's Tusk / Ravager Seal: Head /
      Tantra Seal: Head / Orison Seal: Head / Goetia Seal: Head / Estoquer's Seal: Head / Raider's Seal: Head /
      Creed Seal: Head / Bale Seal: Head / Ferine Seal: Head / Aoidos' Seal: Head / Sylvan Seal: Head /
      Unkai Seal: Head / Iga Seal: Head / Lancer's Seal: Head / Caller's Seal: Head / Mavi Seal: Head /
      Navarch's Seal: Head / Cirque Seal: Head / Charis Seal: Head / Savant's Seal: Head / Ravager Seal: Body /
      Tantra Seal: Body / Orison Seal: Body / Goetia Seal: Body / Estoquer's Seal: Body / Raider's Seal: Body /
      Creed Seal: Body / Bale Seal: Body / Ferine Seal: Body / Aoidos' Seal: Body / Sylvan Seal: Body /
      Unkai Seal: Body / Iga Seal: Body / Lancer's Seal: Body / Caller's Seal: Body / Mavi Seal: Body /
      Navarch's Seal: Body / Cirque Seal: Body / Charis Seal: Body / Savant's Seal: Body / Ravager Seal: Hands /
      Tantra Seal: Hands / Orison Seal: Hands / Goetia Seal: Hands / Estoquer's Seal: Hands /
      Raider's Seal: Hands / Creed Seal: Hands / Bale Seal: Hands / Ferine Seal: Hands / Aoidos' Seal: Hands /
      Sylvan Seal: Hands / Unkai Seal: Hands / Iga Seal: Hands / Lancer's Seal: Hands / Caller's Seal: Hands /
      Mavi Seal: Hands / Navarch's Seal: Hands / Cirque Seal: Hands / Charis Seal: Hands / Savant's Seal: Hands /
      Ravager Seal: Legs / Tantra Seal: Legs / Orison Seal: Legs / Goetia Seal: Legs / Estoquer's Seal: Legs /
      Raider's Seal: Legs / Creed Seal: Legs / Bale Seal: Legs / Ferine Seal: Legs / Aoidos' Seal: Legs /
      Sylvan Seal: Legs / Unkai Seal: Legs / Iga Seal: Legs / Lancer's Seal: Legs / Caller's Seal: Legs /
      Mavi Seal: Legs / Navarch's Seal: Legs / Cirque Seal: Legs / Charis Seal: Legs / Savant's Seal: Legs /
      Ravager Seal: Feet / Tantra Seal: Feet / Orison Seal: Feet / Goetia Seal: Feet / Estoquer's Seal: Feet /
      Raider's Seal: Feet / Creed Seal: Feet / Bale Seal: Feet / Ferine Seal: Feet / Aoidos' Seal: Feet /
      Sylvan Seal: Feet / Unkai Seal: Feet / Iga Seal: Feet / Lancer's Seal: Feet / Caller's Seal: Feet /
      Mavi Seal: Feet / Navarch's Seal: Feet / Cirque Seal: Feet / Charis Seal: Feet / Savant's Seal: Feet /
      Stone of Vision / Coin of Vision / Jewel of Vision / Card of Vision / Stone of Ardor / Coin of Ardor /
      Jewel of Ardor / Card of Ardor / Stone of Wieldance / Coin of Wieldance / Jewel of Wieldance /
      Card of Wieldance / Stone of Balance / Coin of Balance / Jewel of Balance / Card of Balance /
      Stone of Voyage / Coin of Voyage / Jewel of Voyage / Card of Voyage
    • The following items can now be delivered to another character on the same account.
      Honey Wine / Sweet Tea / Beastly Shank / Savory Shank / Blue Pondweed / Red Pondweed / Gem of the East /
      Spring Stone / Gem of the South / Summerstone / Gem of the West / Autumn Stone / Gem of the North /
      Winter Stone / Seal of Genbu / Seal of Seiryu / Seal of Byakko / Seal of Suzaku / Ro'Maeve Water /
      Curtana / Ghrah M Chip / High-Quality Hpemde Organ / High-Quality Phuabo Organ / High-Quality Xzomit Organ /
      First Virtue / Second Virtue / Third Virtue / Fourth Virtue / Fifth Virtue / Sixth Virtue /
      Deed of Sensibility / Deed of Placidity / Deed of Moderation
    • The following items have had their names changed.
      CategoryPrevious NameNew Name
      -Bertha's CofferBelinda's Coffer
      HidesBertha's HideBelinda's Hide
    • The following items have undergone adjustments to their help text and characteristics.
      Koresuke* / Shijo* / Yetshila* / Yetshila +1* / Count's Garb* / Wicce Gloves* / Wicce Gloves +1* / Boii Calligae* / Boii Calligae +1* / Nefarious Collar +1* / Pterslaver Brais* / Pteroslaver Brais +1* / Lethargy Houseaux* / Lethargy Houseaux +1* / Blurred Bow +1* / Emicho Coronet +1* / Kupon A-Lum / Kupon A-DBcd / Kupon A-DXar / Kupon AW-Pan / Kupon AW-Abs / Kupon W-E85 / Kupon A-RJob / Kupon W-R90 / Kupon W-M90 / Kupon W-E90 / Kupon A-E+2 / Kupon I-Seal / Kupon A-MeII / Kupon A-Me / Kupon A-Sal / Kupon A-Nyz / Kupon I-S5 / Kupon I-S2 / Kupon I-Orche / Kupon I-AF109 / Kupon W-EWS / Kupon AW-WK / Kupon I-S3 / Kupon A-PK109 / Kupon I-S1 / Kupon I-Skill / Kupon I-RME / Kupon W-Job / Kupon I-Mat / Kupon W-MeIII / Kupon AW-Mis / Kupon AW-Vgr / Kupon AW-VgrII / Kupon W-Pulse / Kupon I-Stone
      *Changes apply to help text only.
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    • A new function to request to join other players' parties has been added.
      The function enables players to communicate to others their desire to join a specific party.
      • Request
        "Request" refers to a request to join another's party. All players can use this command, even targeting players who are not actively accepting requests to join.
        This command can be executed using /recruit or /rec.
        * Requests will be automatically deleted after 30 days have passed.
        * Players who are currently possessing a monster in Monstrosity may not use this function.
        * A message will stay displayed in your log even if the player is on your blacklist.

      • Request List
        Players can view a list displaying request history, enabling them to view which players have requested to join their party.
        This command can be executed using /recruitlist or /rlist.
        * Up to 64 PCs may be displayed at once.
      • Accepting requests
        Players may show that they are actively looking for requests from other players, effectively communicating to them that they are open to having others join
        This command can be executed using /partyrequestcmd or /prcmd.
        * This function cannot be used with the automatic party or party flag functions.
        * Players cannot accept requests from those on their blacklist.

      • Example
        • Looking for requestees
          1. Describe your party's goals in your search comment.
          2. Select Request from the Party submenu and set your status to accept requests.
            Name:  System01.jpg
Views: 25
Size:  29.3 KB
            * An exclamation mark will appear next to players' heads.
            * The same icon will also display in the top right of the target window when targeted.

          3. Receive a request.
          4. Select View Request from the Party submenu to see which players have requested to join.
          5. Do one of the following.
            Send a tell / Delete the request* / Send a message / Invite to party
            * Deleting the request will remove it from your request history.
            * Clear History will remove all requests from the list.
        • Making a request
          1. Search for and select a player character.
          • Use the search function
            1. Select Request from the Search submenu.
            2. Select a character and do one of the following.
              Send a tell / Make a request / Delete a request / Send a message / Invite to party
          • Search for recruiting icons
            1. Target a character with the recruiting icon display next to his name.
            2. Select the character and execute the appropriate subcommand.
          • Search by log window
            1. Check the char log.
            2. Select the player name and do one of the following.
              Send a tell / Make a request / Delete a request / Search / Target
              * Select Delete Request to remove your request
              * The request will not remain in the other person's history.

          2. Select Request via the appropriate subcommand.
    • A sound effect can now be played when a message displaying that you have been invited to a party displays.
      • Settings
        1. Select Alarm Type from the Party submenu.
        2. Set your desired sound effect.
          Off* / 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7
          * This is the default setting in which no sound will play.
    • Timers will now be displayed on status icons.
      Name:  System02.jpg
Views: 25
Size:  15.9 KB
      This system will display the duration remaining on status effects affecting you.
      Not only will numerical values be displayed, but icons will flash when there are 15 or fewer seconds remaining.
      * Effect durations are displayed using a numerical value and a single letter. "h" refers to hours, and "m" refers to minutes. Durations less than one minute will have no letter displays.
      • Setting via the main menu
        1. Select Misc. 3 from the Config submenu.
        2. Set Timer Display to On.
      • Setting via the command line
        • Execute the "/statustimer on" command
          * Similarly, "/statustimer off" will turn off the timer display.
          * /statustimer without any subcommands will toggle between on and off.
      • Compatible timers
        • Those affecting you that have a limited duration.
          * Effects lasting five seconds or fewer will not have durations displayed.
        • Status other than the following
          Level Restriction / Sublimation: Activated / EF Badge / Battlefield / Beseiged / Encumbrance / Obliviscence / Impaired / Omerta / Debilitation / Pathos / Flurry / Concentration / Allied Tags / Level Sync / Confrontation / Atma / Pennant / Carbuncle's Favor / Ifrit's Favor / Shiva's Favor / Garuda's Favor / Titan's Favor / Ramuh's Favor / Leviathan's Favor / Fenrir's Favor / Diabolod' Favor / Cait Sith's Favor / Voidwatcher / Ensphere / Reive Mark / STR Boost / DEX Boost / VIT Boost / AGI Boost / INT Boost / MND Boost / CHR Boost / Attack Boost / Defense Boost / Magic Atk. Boost / Magic Def. Boost / Accuracy Boost / Evasion Boost / Magic Acc. Boost / Magic Evasion Boost / Attack Down / Defense Down / Magic Atk. Down / Magic Def. Down / Accuracy Down / Evasion Down / Magic Acc. Down / Magic Evasion Down / Regen / Poison / Refresh / Slow / Paralysis / Weight / Haste / Vorseal / Elvorseal / Visitant / Prowess
          * Geomancy timers will not display.
    • New entries have been added to the adventuring primer.
      Skirmish / Delve / Alluvion Skirmish / Incursion / Geas Fete / Domain Invasion / Sinister Reign
    • The widths and length of log windows when using the multiple window function may now be set individually.
      Name:  System03EN.jpg
Views: 20
Size:  53.2 KB
      * Available for the Windows and Xbox 360 versions only.
      • Setting
        1. Select Windows from the Config submenu.
        2. Select Window 1 or Window 2.
        3. Select Window Width or Resize Time to adjust the settings.
          * Maximum dimensions have not changed.
    • A function to compare the attributes to a selected piece of equipment with that currently worn has been added.
      * The way certain help text has been displayed has changed in order to accommodate this feature.
      Name:  System04EN.jpg
Views: 20
Size:  52.9 KB
      • How to use
        Perform the following when changing equipment to display the help windows for the equipped and select pieces of equipment vertically. The currently equipped item is on top and the selected item is on the bottom.
        • Controller
          Place the cursor over the item and press L2.
          * Pressing the cancel button when both windows are displayed will hide the upper help window.
        • Keyboard
          Place the cursor over the item and press Ctrl.
          * Pressing Ctrl again when both windows are displayed will hide the upper help window.
    • The icons for the following spells have been adjusted.
      Fira III / Blizzara III / Aerora III / Stonera III / Thundara III / Watera III / Geohelix II / Hydrohelix II / Anemohelix II / Pyrohelix II / Cryohelix II / Ionohelix II / Noctohelix II / Luminohelix II / Refresh III / Temper II / Full Cure / Death
    • The following have been added to the currency list.
      Rem's Tale Chapter 1 / Rem's Tale Chapter 2 / Rem's Tale Chapter 3 / Rem's Tale Chapter 4 / Rem's Tale Chapter 5 / Rem's Tale Chapter 6 / Rem's Tale Chapter 7 / Rem's Tale Chapter 8 / Rem's Tale Chapter 9 / Rem's Tale Chapter 10 / Reclamation Marks
    • A feature to store and load character settings files has been added to the character selection screen.
      • Saving files
        The command to save files remains the same.
        • PlayStation 2
          L1 + L3
        • Xbox 360
          LB + Left stick button
        • Keyboard
          Shift + Alt + Ctrl + B
      • Loading files
        The command to load files remains the same.
        • PlayStation 2
          R1 + R3
        • Xbox 360
          RB + Right stick button
        • Keyboard
          Shift + Alt + Ctrl + R
    • The following terms have been added to the autotranslate dictionary
      Text Commands/statustimer
      Text Commands/recruit
      Text Commands/recruitlist
      Text Commands/partyrequestcmd
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    Resolved Issues

    • Various issues wherein certain NPC dialog and help text was incorrect.
    • Various issues wherein cutscenes for certain mission and quests were incorrect.
    • The issue wherein all dialogue options would appear when speaking to Sagheera and Monisette even if the appropriate conditions were not met.
    • The issue wherein Nolan would not respond properly when spoken to after speaking with Dremi.
    • The issue with Mog Gardens wherein far-away scenery did not display properly.
    • The issue with Mog Gardens wherein the size of large fish would not display when procuring items from a reared creature.
    • The issue with the Records of Eminence objective Reel in Multiple Rusted Objects wherein reeling in rusty greatswords would not count.
    • The issue with Rainemard's alter ego wherein he would cast an En-spell of the element corresponding to a fallen monster's resistance
    • The issue with Sylvie's alter ego wherein should would alternate between casting Indi-Precision and Indi-Fury.
    • The issue wherein Koru-Moru's alter ego would cast the white magic spell Haste II on Tenzen's alter ego II.
      The issue wherein the scenes accompanying the completion of the following quests would have a lower priority than others.
      Coming Full Circle / Waking the Colossus / Divine Interference
    • The issue wherein the screen would occasionally go black and become unresponsive during the following mission and quests.
      In a Haze of Glory / To Laugh is to Love* / Apocalypse Nigh / The Heir to the Light / Fate in Haze / A Token of Troth / Bonds of Mythril
      * The story will continue even if the screen goes black and becomes unresponsive.
    • The issue wherein the experience granted from besting the following monsters was incorrect.
      Palila's Vulture / Hanbi's Demon / Yilan's Dragon / Amymone's Peapuk / Naphula's Corpselight / Kammavaca's Amoeban / Kammavaca's Clionid / Kammavaca's Murex / Kammavaca's Limule / Pakicet's Pugi / Duke Vepar's Gnat / Vir'ava's Rafflesia /
      Warder's Wynav (* Added on September 18th)
    • The issue wherein vanquishing Palila's Vulture while in combat with Palila would count as having vanquished a notorious monster.
    • The issue wherein the duration of Shah's ability Shah's Decree was incorrect.
    • The issue wherein vanquishing Muut, Muut's Hound Warrior, and Muut's Sacrifice would not count as vanquishing monsters.
    • The issue wherein alter egos would occasionally disappear when in combat with the provenance watcher.
    • The issue wherein performing a magic burst with certain blue magic spells would not display the magic burst in the combat log.
    • The issue wherein the action logic of certain notorious monsters in domain invasion was not current under certain conditions.
    • The issue wherein equipment with the enhancing magic duration attribute would not increase the duration of the following spells
      Refresh III / Temper II
    • The issue wherein the blue mage gift category Job Trait Bonus was affecting the Auto Refresh trait.
    • The issue with certain phantom rolls wherein the effects of Luzaf's Ring were not reflected.
    • The issue wherein the ability Immanence would not affect the following spells.
      Geohelix II / Hydrohelix II / Anemohelix II / Pyrohelix II / Cryohelix II / Ionohelix II / Noctohelix II / Luminohelix II
    • The issue wherein it would occasionally become possible to exceed elemental capacity limits when equipping attachments.
    • The issue wherein the attachment scanner would occasionally not function properly when equipped with an item level animator.
    • The issue wherein automaton ranged attacks would occasionally cause less damage than intended.
    • The issue wherein the effects of the attachment Flame Holder would not activate when no fire maneuvers were active.
    • The issue wherein the potency of "Waltz" effects receive attribute would not activate when the "Waltz" potency effect attribute was at its maximum value.
    • The issue wherein the subtarget color when using a geocolure spell did not match the actual area of effect.
    • The issue wherein certain quivers were usable in Mog Gardens
    • The issue wherein the value of the Enmity+ attribute of the Emicho Coronet +1 was incorrect.
    • The issue wherein item icons were occasionally incorrect when using the delivery service.
    • The issue with the currency menu wherein the description for copper A.M.A.N. vouchers was incorrect.
    • The issue wherein NPC display priority was lower than intended.
    • This issue wherein pressing F8 when a monster is in a player's field of vision would give targeting priority to monsters rather than non-combat NPCs directly in front.
    • The issue with mog houses wherein opening storage furniture would cause the game to slow down.
    • The issue wherein the error message displaying when inviting a player character who has alter egos called forth into a party or alliance was not correct.
    • The issue wherein the following missions would not display in the event replay list in Sauromugue Champaign [S].
      Ganged up On / Sacrifice
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    Known Issues

    • The screen will occasionally black out and become unresponsive in the quest Beneath the Mask.
    • Atma Infusionist/Cavernous Maw/Cruor Prospector/Goblin Footprint/Prishe/Transcendental Radiance
      In the battlefield The Wyrm God, fleeing will occasionally cause the following NPCs and actors to not display.
      Atma Infusionist / Cavernous Maw / Cruor Prospector / Goblin Footprint / Prishe / Transcendental Radiance
    • In the high-tier battlefield Ark Angel 1, the action login of Ark Angel HM was incorrect.
    • When being the victim of Mingyi’s special ability Royal Decree, alter egos will vanish.
    • Players are able to obtain multiples of the following items under certain conditions.
      Cipher: Halver / Cipher: Semih
    • The help text for the following abilities is incorrect.
      Chaos Roll / Drachen Roll / Beast roll
    • The following spells, abilities, and items cannot be used under certain circumstances.
      Alter egos / Call Wyvern / Call Beast / Activate / Signal pearl / Tactics Pearl
    • The icon for the white magic spell Temper II is incorrect.
    • When viewing automaton items at an auction house and sorting by name, items are displayed in an improper order.
    • When changing jobs multiple times in quick succession, the player’s job will occasionally fail to change.
    • Status icons will occasionally fail to display under certain conditions.
    • When using the party request function, making a request of a player character immediately after changing areas will cause an incorrect system message to display.
    • When targeting an alliance member using the argument “stal,” the names of other party members will be emphasized.
    • When accepting a party invitation while the Alarm Type window is displayed, selecting Sort or Focus from the Party menu will cause the Alarm Type window to display.
      * This issue can be resolved by closing the Alarm Type window after closing the main menu or changing areas.
    Gildrein - Community Team