Two things. First, you do not have the same issue; your issue is with continuing RoV, his was continuing with WoTG. Read the whole thread. Second, going on about how you soloed without Trusts isn't going to affect anything unless you want a pat on the head.

Now according to your bug report (which got moved to insufficient information because like a lot of people, you didn't use the template), you are unable to get the cutscene to move forward with Somber Dreams. Since it is a CS with Lilisette, let me ask you: What WoTG mission are you on? If you check this post here: you'll see that there are certain quests that cannot be in progress, because if they are, the NPC is not available for progression in RoV. You need to complete the related quest first, freeing up the NPC, or else you cannot move on with RoV.