• The following jobs will undergo adjustments.
    • Dark Knight
      • The recast time and effect duration of scarlet delirium will be adjusted.
        Recast delay180 sec.90 sec.
        Before taking effect180 sec.90 sec.
        After taking effect60 sec.90 sec.
      • The duration of the maximum HP bonus effect of Drain II and Drain III will be increased from 60 seconds to 180 seconds.
      • The effect duration of dread spikes will be increased from 60 seconds to 180 seconds.
      • The duration of the following spells will now be increased by dark magic skill.
        Absorb-ACC / Absorb-STR / Absorb-DEX / Absorb-VIT / Absorb-AGI / Absorb-INT / Absorb-MND / Absorb-CHR
    • Beastmaster
      • The range of the following abilities will be reduced.
        Ready / Sic / Spur / Run Wild / Reward
    • Ninja
      • The casting time of Myoshu: Ichi and Kakka: Ichi will be decreased from four seconds to three seconds, and their durations will be increased from 180 seconds to 300 seconds.
    • Dragoon
      • The amount of HP reduced when using Spirit Link will be decreased.
        *The amount of HP the wyvern recovers will remain unchanged.
      • TP will no longer be consumed when wyverns use breath abilities.
        * In line with this adjustment, the bonus granted to Healing Breath when consuming HP will be removed and the base potency will be increased.
    • Summoner
      • Apogee’s recast time will be reduced from 300 seconds to 180 seconds and the amount of enmity it generates upon use will be decreased.
      • The range of the following pet commands will be increased.
        Assault / Blood Pact: Ward / Blood Pact: Rage
    • Blue Mage
      • New blue magic spells will be added.
    • Corsair
      • Phantom will will undergo the following adjustments.
        Beast RollPet: Increases attackPet: Increases attack and ranged attack
        Drachen RollPet: Increases accuracyPet: Increases accuracy and ranged accuracy
    • Puppetmaster
      • Combat and magic skills for the following automatons will be increased.
        ValoredgeMelee skill
        SharpshotRanged skill
        StormwakerMagic skill
      • The following group 1 merit point categories will be adjusted.
        Per-adjustmentPost-adjustmentNew Effect
        Melee Skill
        Automaton SkillsAdjust valoredge, sharpshot, and stormwaker automaton skills by 2 points.
        Automaton Ranged SkillMaintenance RecastShorten recast time by 3 seconds.
        Magic Skill
        Repair EffectIncrease amount of HP restored by 2%.
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