Like most other players, I solo a lot. Especially so in areas like Dynamis, Limbus, etc. where Trust NPCs are not available. It's really annoying to NOT be able to use one of the THF signature job abilities (Trick Attack)... like, ever, in these situations.

How come Bully allows for Sneak Attack to be used in any direction, but has no effect on Trick Attack? Couldn't they adjust it so when Bully is used, Trick Attack is treated as if you were striking from behind another player/NPC? Or is this not possible at all due to spaghetti coding/PS2/whatever else?

The recast time is way too long, too. Sneak Attack is ready in a minute... fifty seconds with 5/5 recast merits. Bully takes 3 minutes to recast and the intimidation rate is very poor unless you're dumping 15 JP into it and even then it doesn't work well on anything you'd actually want to intimidate. It's real purpose is to use Sneak Attack from any direction. If my Sneak Attack is ready in a minute, I'd like Bully to be ready with it.

Despoil, Steal, Mug
Besides being generally useless in almost every situation in the game (sans JP enhancements, but even those are sort of trash), the recast time for these are way too long. Honestly, they should be on a 1-2 minute recast time.

It's just really annoying going from a job like WAR, DRK or SAM who have pretty decent/really good job abilities to THF and getting to use... Bully once every three minutes, Sneak Attack every minute and Trick Attack never... I guess Assassin's Charge is okay once every five minutes.

Am I the only one who is put-off by this?