Platform: Windows

ISP: Time Warner Oceanic

Type of Internet Connection: Cable

Internet Connection Speed: 50 Mbps

Date and Time: 8/6/2015 11:30 PM HST

Frequency: Recurring as of initial issue

Character Name: Scordatura

Race: Mithra

World: Asura

Main Job: 85 Dancer

Support Job: 42 Warrior

Area and Coordinates: F-11 Yuhtunga Jungle

Party or Solo: Party with 4 Trust NPCs

Monster Name: Siren

1. On The Last Avatar mission, I clicked the ??? at F-11 in Yuhtunga Jungle to get the cutscene for the mission.
2. After the cutscene I summoned the Trust NPCs Kupipi, Shantotto, Trion, and Zeid, and clicked the ??? to pop the Siren NPC.
3 Me and the Trust NPCs defeated Siren and then I clicked the ??? again to hopefully get the next cutscene to finish the mission and move on to the next one.
4. I clicked the ??? about two or three times and the message "You must wait a bit longer...." popped up those attempts and then the last attempt Siren repopped and I attempted to defeat Siren again.
5. This time however and all other attempts to beat Siren again since I defeated it the first time, Siren's damage meter only goes down about 5% and then the NPC stops taking damage altogether.
6. After I notice the damage freeze I zone to Sea Serpent Grotto to lose aggro and depop Siren and try the whole process again and the same thing keeps happening.