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    Sylvie (UC) Entrust Effect Not Working As Intended

    Platform: Windows
    ISP: BT
    Type of Internet Connection: Fibre to the Home
    Internet Connection Speed: 300Mbps
    Date & Time: Wednesday August 5th 2015 22:40PM BST
    Frequency: 5/5 (Reproducible 100%)
    Character Name: Maurauc
    Race: TaruM
    World: Valefor
    Main Job: RDM 99
    Support Job: BLM
    Area and Coordinates: Ceizak Battlegrounds
    Party or Solo: Solo with 5 Trusts, Solo with 1 Trust
    NPC Name: Sylvie (UC)
    Monster Name: Multiple (Bight Uragnite, Blanched Mandragora)

    Additional information:
    Unity Ranking Points for this period: 9

    Steps to Reproduce:
    (1) Call Sylvie (UC) Trust when belonging to the Sylvie Unity.
    (2) Engage an enemy
    (3) As RDM, Sylvie casts Indi-Acumen
    (4) Sylvie then uses Entrust, before casting Indi-Refresh. The Indi-Acumen buff is immediately overwritten by Indi-Refresh.
    (5) Sylvie, noticing that Indi-Acumen has dropped, casts Indi-Acumen again, removing the Indi-Refresh effect.

    Intended Result:
    Sylvie has an Indi-effect, along with the desired party member that Entrust was used on

    Actual Result:
    Sylvie's Entrust Indi-Buff overwrites her own, or takes priority, causing her to cast her original Indi-Spell again.
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    having same issue, she'll use Indi-Haste, pop entrust, then do a new indi spell on herself instead of of me
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    This goes the same for extremely difficult content. (Naturally it’s not easy since it’s extremely difficult…)
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    as long as you don’t have severely bad luck.