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    Dancer Gift Dual Wield and TP Penalty

    Dual Wielders have always been subject to penalty over TP and this is the reason i do my best to let all my Dual Wield gear go when i have enough haste.

    I don't own a mythic weapon and still i have been able to continuously make skillchain sequences without even using any job ability when under capped haste.

    At least i was until i hit 550 job points on Dancer and won the 5% dual wield gift. That one is something i can't get rid of when i am hasted, and it also doesn't contribute at all in that situation. Its nocive because it compromises my TP gain while not adding anything to the haste i already have. Since i won the gift, my capacity to link my weaponskill without using abilities have been seriously cut.

    Before it, I had been able to pop Plouton by doin the 6-skillchain sequence by my own (of course, with due buffs). Now i am having trouble to pop Perfidien, because I time out the window sometime between the 4 skillchains by not being able to gather TP fast enough.

    Nothing have changed in my gear recently and the only difference i can think about is the "gift" i earned.

    That said, it would be very nice if one of the two suggestions were implemented:
    - Dual wield earned by gift system should not be subject to TP penalty. It's meant to be a gift after all.

    - Dual wield shouldn't impact at TP gain at all. If not in all situations, at least when haste is capped.

    Of course this is an issue that impacts every dual wield job out there, but Dancers, as dependant on skillchains to stand out, could be relieved from that penalty. Even more now, with an exclusive gift to the job that cannot be taken out.
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