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    '"Waltz" potency' and 'Potency of "Waltz" effects received' don't stack correctly

    Platform: Windows 7 Professional

    ISP: Kabel Deutschland

    Type of Internet Connection: Cable.

    Internet Connection Speed: 32 Mbit/s.

    Date & Time: 2015-07-24, ~0615 UTC.

    Frequency: Always.

    Character Name: Skudo.

    Race: Hume M.

    World: Carbuncle.

    Main Job: Dancer.

    Support Job: Red Mage.

    Area and Coordinates: Eastern Adoulin, right in front of the Mog House (G-11).

    Party or Solo: Party, but does not matter.

    NPC Name: None.

    Monster Name: None.

    0) Start completely naked.
    1) Equip enough gear to hit "Waltz" potency +50% or more (caps at 50%).
    2) Convert, or somehow get your own HP low enough to see the full effect of the upcoming Waltz.
    3) Use any tier of Curing Waltz, targeting oneself. Keep note of the amount cured.
    4) Add an Asklepian Ring to the equipped gear.
    5) Repeat 2) and 3).

    You will find that both numbers are the same, indicating that Asklepian Ring does nothing. Which in turn also means that 'Potency of [...] "Waltz" effects received +3%' does nothing, too.

    The results do not reflect -- in fact, further tests indicate that '"Waltz" potency' and 'Potency of "Waltz" effects received' are additive and cap at a total +50%, i. e. it is the status quo ante update 2012/02.
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