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    Unity Concord "Wanted" battle adjustments proposal

    Unity Concord "Wanted" battles are a lot of fun, and a lot of interesting gear has been made available through them. They're quick, simple and overall rewarding, despite some frustrating drop rates at times.

    However, it is in my opinion a problem that Unity Concord "Wanted" battle shout popularity comes and goes with each new release before dying off soon after, leaving players who are late to the party often unable to complete objectives and obtain things they want, both the drops themselves and the 50 special items needed to upgrade them. Other times it is the drop itself that is less popular among the players at large but could still represent a goal to an individual which makes it difficult to set up groups for certain "Wanted" objectives when the average number of runs needed tends to be high.

    With the worry of even further reduced server populations in the future, I propose something along the following:
    - being able to exchange Accolades for upgrade items with the Unity NPCs; say 1000-2000 Accolades for 1 Bakunawa's Ink, for example.
    - being able to exchange the upgrade items for the relevant monster's drop after first time completion of the Records of Eminence "Wanted" objective; say 30-50 Bakunawa's Ink for a Demersal Degen or Bathy Choker, for example.

    This adds more purpose to the Accolades and could potentially reinvigorate the economy as related to Unity Concord "Wanted" drops, as well as give more players the chance to acquire gear they desire without struggling to round up interest for objectives where the vanguard has already been there and done that.
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    Not bad ideas, but my preference is Voidwatch style weakeners for the battles. The drop rates on the base drops are pretty good, so if you could get in, say, 10 kills of your desired Unity NM, you'll probably get the base piece.

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    Id propose trading in 3 pieces of one Unity gear for another piece of gear from the same tier of NM.

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    I think it would be interesting if players had the option to increase a Unity NM's level for more prizes, similar to Incursion and High-Tier Mission Battlefields. This would gives more experienced players a greater challenge, while not barring less experienced players from the same content and rewards.

    I would definitely love it if there was something we could do with unwanted unity gear too, like either exchanging for Accolades, NM materials, or maybe even desynthesis. Urat's suggestion is pretty interesting too.

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    In the September version update, we will be introducing an NPC which will allow players to turn in their unwanted equipment in return for accolades. The Unity: Wanted loot is included in the list of items that can be turned in.
    Colby "Grekumah" Casaccia - Community Team