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    Bah, forget it.

    Meh. Forget it.
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    I don't want to take the wind out of your sails or anything, but the shawl does essentially nothing. Far to easy to get to 110 without even bothering now. AND there is a synthesis campaign coming up, wherein you get .1 skill 100% of the time up till 100 or so and then its like 50/50.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adventurer View Post
    Now I know this is not supposed to be "easy" and I'm not asking it to be, but I think it should be fair. There are people who have gone out, bought 2-3 Matsya off the auction house and gotten a Shaper's Shawl out of it. With no fishing skill, with no hard work. Just random dumb luck. Random dumb luck systems is why the game changed so much and so many people quit years ago. Square Enix even admitted to the faults in such systems, yet here we are again.
    I was 1/2 just to rub it in, but I am a fully fledged Fisherman with Ebisu+1.

    They do break the line far too often, to be honest, I'm surprised they are as cheap as they are on the AH because of this.
    I think you can expect to catch 3~6 per hour on average.

    The Dwarf pugil's you can get from Login points, by the way.

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    Yeah... the Matsya (and all purely luck-based things really) certainly has a special place in my heart. A dark place, mind you.

    Here are some stats I jotted down while going for the shawl for my friend (all manual, so while some errors may have slipped in, they should be quite accurate regardless):

    Total Casts	3592
    Matsya		 166
    Snapsya		 275
    Jellyfish	 373
    Monster		 290
    Nothing		1050
    Arrowwood log	 352
    dividedByZero	   4
    Rusty		1082
      bucket	 264
      leggings	 522
      subligar	 296
    I forget a little, but I /think/ these numbers may have two shawls in them, one for my friend and one that I got for myself, when I couldn't send my friend more, and I needed the space or something like that (now if I was actually actively after it at the time, I'm sure it would have taken me even longer than getting it for my friend, but I digress).

    At the start (2014-04-28... dang, has it been over four years already!? Time, you are silly.) I had only 101 levels in the skill, with the Puffin and Noddy rings, Smock, Torque, and the basic angler's set (no waders yet even I think).

    At the end (2014-09-04), skill was at 108, and I had the Mega Moglification (and waders), but the Ebisu +1 was of course not a thing yet.

    The 'dividedByZero' catches mean the game crashed due to a divide by zero bug that was lurking around fishing back then.

    Even with it being so annoying to fish, I would have liked to sell them at the AH, but the prices have always been so low that it didn't seem like a fun thing to do at all.

    Would definitely like to see some sort of a change to the rate at which these can be reeled in. Perhaps even through some additional quest(s) for some special fishing magic (key item?). -.^

    As a sidey-note, I think it took me 332 Gugrusaurus and 205 Lik to get the items from those... so that wasn't exactly fun either. :]
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    It's a slot machine w/ no physical/mechanical limitations, so there should be zero difference between the odds of any two samples, regardless of the time passed between them.

    This is old content, with a non-combat performance related reward, and a much smaller performance gain nowadays compared to when it was added.. I don't see overhauling a system like the fish gutting which has been untouched for many years happening any time soon.

    Price on Matsya probably still cheap due to Mog Garden tbh. When I was working on my garden, I would pull up 2-4 per week, but they wouldn't sell on AH so they ended up getting vendored. :x
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