In an effort to enhance future development, we would like to gather some feedback from all of the crafters in Vana’diel in regards to the below. We encourage you to discuss this with your fellow players and provide feedback on the direction we’re contemplating.

As you are aware, there is a limit for craft skills where once you reach skill level 60, you are limited to 40 more levels to distribute amongst the other eight crafts (excluding fishing). As such, the system only allows you to be able to reach 100 if you gain all 40 skill levels in one craft, or you can raise two crafts to 80 if you gain 20 levels in two different crafts.

For the future expansion of synthesis and synergy, we’re looking into raising the skill level limitation from 40 to 80 during the next version update. Once this change takes place, you will then be able to have two crafts leveled to 100.

Since this change would alter the core of the crafting system, before serious development discussions begin we would like to hear feedback from all of our hardcore crafters.

The main points of adjustments beginning from the next version update and on are listed below:
  • Raise the 40 skills levels that can be distributed when a skill reaches 60 to 80. (Makes possible the ability to level two skills to 100)
  • For the next version update “Revoking Craftsmanship Status” will remain the same as original (Bringing your skill down to 60). For future version updates we plan on making adjustments so that the system allows you to decide which craft skill you would like craftsmanship revoked.
  • Additionally for future adjustments we are thinking about increasing the levels further beyond 80.

This will be extremely advantageous for synergy, however, due to the fact that these changes would likely cause the number of players with skills at level 100 to increase significantly, there might be some concerns in regards to how the balance of supply and demand are affected.

After collecting your feedback for about a week, we’ll examine it closely with the development and operations teams after which we plan on working on this after the next version update. In order for us to improve the synthesis and synergy systems of FFXI please leave as much feedback as possible!