Greetings, adventurers.
Matsui here.

The June version update is right around the corner, but I would like to share an early overview of what will be implemented.

Starting off, we’ll be adding high-tier battlefields for three avatars: Fenrir, Carbuncle, and Diabolos, so look forward to challenging enhanced versions of these familiar creatures once more.

New notorious monsters will be added to Wanted. With new and bigger foes to vanquish, now's a great time to get involved with Unity!

Several Seekers of Adoulin quests will also reach their conclusions this patch, and players will be able to enjoy a bevy of lore, battles, and rewards.

Furthermore, we’ll be implementing new aspects to fishing that are geared towards veteran anglers that possess the Ebisu Fishing Rod and Lu Shang’s Fishing Rod.
A duo of quests provide upgrades to these two special rods, complete with all-new visual effects. Take on the challenges and reap your just rewards!

Mog Gardens will also undergo changes as we unlock rank 5 for monster rearing, which will add new monsters and also increase the number of monsters you can simultaneously rear.

We’ll also be making job adjustments, adding new alter egos, implementing an emote for sitting on chairs, setting an NPC that will allow you to check what you’ve fished up, addressing the ranged weapon slot for the lockstyle feature, and much more!

I hope you are all looking forward to the June version update, which goes live on Thursday, June 25.

Below is a detailed list of features planned for the version update. Keep in mind that this list is still provisional, and any balancing or bug issues we discover during testing may require us to remove an item from the update.

Mission/Quest related
Implementation timingUpdate tasks and outlineTasks in progressNote
JuneSeekers of Adoulin questsText creation
Cutscene creation
Battle balance adjustment
JuneMog Garden QuestText creation
Cutscene creation
JuneAlter ego acquirement questText creation
Cutscene creation
JuneLu Shang's Fishing Rod enhancement questText creation
Cutscene creation
JuneEbisu Fishing Rod enhancement questText creation
Cutscene creation
JuneAdjustments to the quest "Fisherman's Heart"Addition of a feature that allows players to check fish that they've caught before.
Change coordinates of NPC positions.
JuneMissionsKey items necessary to progress in some missions will be added to the Curio Vender Moogles' merchandise lists.-
JuneAdjustments to existing questsAdjusting difficulty of "The Gustaberg Tour"
Adjusting difficulty of "The Kuftal Tour"
Adjusting difficulty of "Eco-Warrior"
Addition of hints for "Wrath of the Opo-opos"
Addition of hints for "Wandering Souls"

Area/Monster related
Implementation dateUpdate tasks and outlineTasks in progressNote
JuneEscha - Zi'TahCreation of new additional monsters.
Adjustment of additional monster locations.
Making adjustments so experience points can be obtained from enemies called forth by certain notorious monsters.
Creation of a system that makes it easier to obtain experience points when in a party.
Implementation of a function that adjusts the time it takes for monsters to respawn depending on the situation in the area.
Increace the maximum amount of Escha Silt/Escha Beads that can be carried.

Content/System related
Implementation dateUpdate tasks and outlineTasks in progressNote
JuneHigh-tier battlefieldsCreation of High-tier avatar battlefields.
Adjustments to battle balance.
JuneGeas FeteAdding mechanic that allows for random notorious monster spawning after vanquishing one.
Adjustments to rise in cost of tribulenses.
JuneMog GardenCreation of Monster Rearing Rank 5.
Cutscene creation.
Increase number of monsters that can be reared at the same time.
Additon of new monsters that can be reared.
Addtion of new Chacharoon's Cheers.
JuneUnity ConcordCreation of an animation for when the unity leader participates in chat.-
JuneUnity: Wanted BattlesCreation of new notorious monsters.
Addition of new warps.
JuneRecords of EminenceAddition of Unity: Wanted Battle related objectives.
Addition of fishing related objectives.
JuneTrustSupport for new High-Tier Avatar Battlefields.
Support for Delve.
Support for Incursion.
Support for the quest "Eco-Warrior".
JuneTitlesCreation of new titles.-
JuneHome PointAddition of new Home Points.-

Battle System related
Implementation dateUpdate tasks and outlineTasks in progressNote
JuneMonkAdjustments to Footwork.-
JuneBeastmasterCreation of new pets.-
JuneRangerAdjustments to Flashy Shot.
Adjustments to Eagle Eye Shot.
JuneDragoonAdjustments to activation time for wyvern breaths.-
JuneBlue MageCreation of new blue magic.
Adjustments to added traits of certain blue magic spells.
JunePuppetmasterAdjustments to HP of Automatons.
Adjustments to the effects of certain attachments.
JuneAlter egosCreation of new Alter Egos.
Adjustment to the way status effect recovery works for healer type Alter Egos.
JuneAdventuring fellowsAdjustments to the capabilities of Signal Pearls.
Adjustments to the capabilities of Tactics Pearls.

Item related
Implementation dateUpdate tasks and outlineTasks in progressNote
JuneCelestial NightsCreation of rewards-
JuneSunbreeze FestivalCreation of rewards-
JuneSeekers of Adoulin questsCreation of rewards-
JuneLu Shang's Fishing Rod enhancement questCreation of rewards-
JuneEbisu Fishing Rod enhancement questCreation of rewards-
JuneHigh-tier battlefieldsCreation of rewards-
JuneAlluvion SkirmishesAddition of items that can be traded for Mellidopt Wings-
JuneUnity: Wanted BattlesCreation of rewards
Creation of a system for enhancing rewarded equipment.
JuneMog GardenCreation of acquired item table for new monsters that can be reared.-
JuneFishingAddition of new seafood.
Adjustment to skill gain rate.
Adjustment to odds of getting a bite.
JuneBeastmasterAddition of NPCs that sell items for the ability "Reward."-
JunePuppetmasterAddition of NPCs that sell attachments.-
JuneEmotesCreation of items for emotes.-
JuneMoogle Storage SlipsAddition of items that can be stored.-
JuneMog BonanzaCreation of new items.-

UI related
Implementation dateUpdate tasks and outlineTasks in progressNote
JuneEmotesCreation of emote for sitting in a chair.-
JuneMog HouseAdjustments to the order in which the selection for doorways are displayed.-
JuneLockstyleSupport for ranged weapon slots-
JuneText CommandsCreation of text commands for "Ready."
Addtion of a command to turn the Name Plate magnification feature on and off during area of effect displays.
JuneAuto-translate functionAddition and removal of categories.-