• Jobs will undergo the following adjustments.
    • Monk
      • The Footwork job ability will undergo the following adjustments.
        • Footwork will no longer make kicks the primary mode of attack. Instead, autoattacks will also have a chance of kicking while Footwork is in effect.
        • Effect duration will be decreased from 300 seconds to 60 seconds.
          *The effect footwork has on particular weaponskills will remain unchanged.
    • Beastmaster
      • Six new familiars will be able to be called forth with the "Call Beast" ability.
    • Ranger
      • The following job abilities will undergo adjustments.
        • Flashy Shot
          The ability will no longer ignore level difference penalties. Instead, a bonus to ranged accuracy and damage will instead be granted based on the level difference between the target and the player.
        • Eagle Eye Shot
          This ability will now ignore the following effects granted by spells and job abilities.
          Blink / Shadow Images
          *These changes will only apply to eagle eye shot when used by player characters.
      • Archery and Marksmanship skills will be increased.
    • Dragoon
      • The activation time for the following breaths abilities will be increased from 1 to 1.25 seconds in order to resolve the issue wherein changing equipment via the equip set function would occasionally not be reflected properly.
        Healing Breath / Healing Breath II / Healing Breath III / Healing Breath IV /
        Flame Breath / Frost Breath / Gust Breath / Sand Breath /
        Lightning Breath / Hydro Breath
    • Blue Mage
      • The following blue magic spells will be added.
        Searing Tempest / Blinding Fulgor / Spectral Floe / Scouring Spate /
        Anvil Lightning / Silent Storm / Entomb / Tenebral Crush / Saurian Slide /
        Palling Salvo
    • Puppetmaster
      • Automaton HP will be increased.
      • In line with this change, the amount of HP recovered from the Auto-Repair Kit attachment will be slightly increased.
      • The recast delay of Repair will be reduced by 50% and the effects of automaton oils will be adjusted according to the table below.
        ItemAmount HealedEffect Duration
        Automaton Oil10 / 3 s → 20 / 3 s30 s → 15 s
        Automaton Oil +120 / 3 s → 40 / 3 s60 s → 30 s
        Automaton Oil +230 / 3 s → 60 / 3 s90 s → 45 s
        Automaton Oil +340 / 3 s → 80 / 3 s120 s → 60 s
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