• New fish have been added to the following areas.
    Cape Teriggan / Silver Sea routes / Abyssea - Misareaux / Cirdas Caverns / Moh Gates / Dho Gates
  • The probability of increasing one's fishing skill will be increased.
  • The probability of catching fish will be increased when a player's fishing skill is 20 or greater and appropriate bait is used.
  • The maximum time required to reel in a catch will be reduced from 15 seconds to 13 seconds.
  • Moon phases will have a stronger positive effect on fishing results.
  • The "Fisherman's Heart" quest will undergo the following changes.
    • The location of Katsunaga, the quest triggering NPC in Mhaura, will be changed from H-9 to G-10.
    • After completing the quest, speaking to Katsunaga will offer a dialogue option to view a list of every catch caught so far.
      *This option will only display fish caught since the 2015 June version update.
  • New quests have been added to enhance Lu Shang's Fishing Rod and the Ebisu Fishing Rod.
    • Lu Shang's Fishing Rod quest, "Thanks for All the Fish"
      • Starting the quest
        Speak to Jourdenaux in Rabao (G-7) while in possession of Lu Shang's Fishing Rod.
        *You must have completed Records of Eminence objective First Step Forward in order to proceed with this quest.
    • Ebisu Fishing Rod quest, "Fish Favors the Bold"
      • Starting the quest
        Speak to Irmilant in Rabao (G-7) while in possession of the Ebisu Fishing Rod and having fished 100 different types of fish.
        *Only fish caught since the 2015 June version update will count towards this requirement. Any fish caught before this version update will have to be caught again to begin this quest.
        *Warning: winning the Ebisu Fishing Rod through Mog Bonanza will flag the quest "Indomitable Spirit," which rewards said rod, as having been completed, preventing the player from experiencing it.

    Completing these quests will enhance their respective fishing rods, and bestow them with a special visual effect.
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