• The following high-tier battlefields will be added.
    ★The Moonlit Path / ★Waking the Beast / ★Waking Dreams
    • Joining the Fray
      The key items required to participate in these battlefields can be acquired from the following NPCs in exchange for merit points.
      • Trisvain in Northern San d'Oria (J-7)
      • Raving Opposum in Port Bastok (J-11)
      • Mimble-Pimble in Port Windurst (L-5)
    • Required Key Items
      BattlefieldKey ItemNumber of Merit Points Required
      ★The Moonlit PathMoonlit Path phantom gem15
      ★Waking the BeastWaking the Beast phantom gem
      ★Waking DreamsWaking Dreams phantom gem
    • Regarding Difficulty Levels
      Each mission battlefield is divided into five levels of difficulty. Boss strength, number and drop rate of spoils, as well as content level, increase in line with difficulty.
      DifficultyContent Level
      Very Easy113
      DifficultGreater than 119
      Very DifficulyGreater than 119
    • Battlefield, Boss, and Entry Restrictions
      Battlefield NamePoint of EntryBossEntry Restrictions
      ★The Moonlight PathFull Moon FountainFenrir PrimeAll Levels
      Thirty Minutes
      Six-Person Party
      ★Waking the BeastFull Moon FountainCarbuncle Prime
      ★Waking DreamsThe Shrouded MawDiabolos
    • Spoils
      Spoils are rewarded both for vanquishing the boss and clearing the battlefield, and include items needed for reforging artifact and relic armor in addition to equipment unique to each battlefield.
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