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    ...a few more things to add!

    Hello, here's a few more things to add or correct before end of updates, if possible, please.

    1. Remove Level Cap on pretty much everthing or make it optional. Good example are the old BCNM, it would be awesome if we could solo them.

    2. Set a duty finder like in FFXIV ARR, we will need that feature in order to get trough VW, Delve or things like that where new players could never achieve by themselves.

    3. Have Dark Knight be able to cast Death Spikes & Death.

    4. Have Black Mage be able to cast Ultima.

    5. We need ultimate weapon skills such as in older FF's; a good example would be Omnislash.

    6. Adjust Dark Knight's Ragnarok & Caladbolg power so we don't see Rune Fencer out damage a Relic/Empyrean Great Sword Dark Knight. First, Adjust Dark Knight skill for Great Sword to A+, then , give a good upgrade to base damage for Ragnarok & Caladbolg... any RME could use some extra base damage. Finally, add a 200+ magic damage to these weapons, same for any melee caster that was neglected, like Ninja with Kikoku.

    7. I noticed a buy when I had 1005 attack, the 1 would overlap the k.

    8. Let us mixt reforged 119 Artifact, Relic, Empyrean into one to make ultimate armors, adding all stats & effects. That would save us lots of inventory space & make us powerful enough to beat Adoulin end game with small party instead of needing full ally of right jobs. Also, we should be able to pick the final look of the item from the 3 different looks of Artifact, Relic & Empyrean & make it possible to change it at the npc crafting that mixt.

    9. Finally, let us mixt 2 weapons into 1 from 119 Relic, Mythic & Empyrean, adding their stats together & reveal the hidden effects in text. Again, letting us choose the look between Relic, Mythic, Empyrean or a new ultimate weapon look. We should be allowed to unmixt them so we could change the mixt if we want to.

    PS To make my suggestions 8 & 9 would allow us to help new players beat anything easily & that would be a must to not have them drop the game.

    Thank you.
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    Been sub to the game continually over 10 years and never had a need for forums really...but since ffxi is ending content wise i do agree with op and feel a need to post.

    improving soloing in this game is essential now. The populaton has NOT flooded back with ppl returning nor will it, content must be scaled for the small population that is here and will stay this small...its almost non existant on some servers.

    with no new content really coming its time to ease up on so many restrictions and limitations.

    pretty much 99% of the population will simply be wrapping things up after November since there will be no new content to try. Im not saying they will leave...but cant work on content that doesnt exist amirte?

    I do estimate there will be some returning to restart and maybe even a few totally new ppl but that does not outweigh those simply finishing up a few goals from their decade of playing. What content is available needs to suit the reality of a very small player base which is not openly willing to help others and the end to content. (i assume tweaks and spell changes may come but no new major content to do)

    Trusts need to be allowed everywhere and they need to be buffed ALOT for high tier battles so they last more then 2 minutes on normal>> VD fights. theres simply no point to them at their current strength in the stronger battles. Group member # limitations to enter everything should be 1

    To leech subs as long as possible all playstyles need to be satisfied. Those few that have statics etc can carry on as normal which is excellent ..and those that arent can actually get somewhere in the final year(s) of the game we all enjoyed for so long.

    many moons ago this was not necessary since population and the community was awesome ...but now its the farthest thing from what it used to beboth in numbers and the "community"

    I want ffxi to last as long as possible as well...the more limitiations, the less ppl can achieve and enjoy what is left will only shorten its life, not extend it

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    There is a Duty Finder, just nobody uses it. When going to seek party, there's an auto-party button, and it will group you up automatically if there are 6 people in the same zone, with a proper mix of jobs, all using the mode at once. You get a red ! instead of a green one by your name.