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Trustification: Across the Voids of Vana'diel

Today would be an auspicious occasion! For you would return home to your nation, and set foot on grounds that you had tread so often many years ago. The local bards would sing tales of your valor, for who could question the deeds that you had done! On numerous accounts you would put yourself in harm's way, for friend and rival alike. The sun shone brightly as you continued walking across the field. In the distance, the cityscape came into view. Heavens Tower stood as proudly as it ever had. As you held there, you remembered the many events that led to the countless adventures that you had.

From the cold tundra of Xarcabard to the vast jungles of Ulbuka, you had stood by so many other adventures. Each etching their way through the annals of history. But the warmness of your heart would soon fade, for above the city a terrifying light radiated brilliantly! Many a times had you seem light dance across the sky for whatever reason, but this time a sensation like no other before took a hold of you...

Bolting across the field, you made your way towards town! Long had this place been your home, and you would not let it suffer an ill fate! Near and dear were every face, every person, every tree, and every building. You needed no map, for you knew every corner, every crevice! There wasn't a place that you couldn't find or location that you didn't know. The very fiber of this town was deeply engraved into your heart!

As you burst across the threshold of the archway leading to town, an encroaching darkness surrounded you! Casting your gaze around you, you search feverishly for whatever was causing this manifestation! As if that angelic entity answering a prayer, a sacred light shone down upon you. You could hear a soft voice in your head...

???: "Please! There isn't much time, and I need your help! You who have crossed worlds and saved all, please take this light unto you... Go out and forge a new, for there are those still in need! So often, have you aided others... I could find no greater champion than you!"

Before you glowed a ball of light. As you took it into your hands, you could feel a greater knowledge flooding into your mind! Twisting and turning, the ball of light began to take shape. Crafting itself into a weapon forged from your own heart! As quickly as the darkness encompassed you, it shattered to mere fragments. There you stood, but it was as if nothing happened at all. Hastily you made your way to Heavens Tower, and flung open the doors! With a quizzical look, Kupipi asked, "Do you need any help adventurer?" Taken back by their words, you cannot bring yourself answer. How often had you had conversations with them? You had crafted a friendship with them, but here they stood as if they didn't know you. Stopping to think for just a moment, a notion came to your mind.

(Hero): "Have we by chance met before?"

But before they can answer, a courier burst through the door!

Courier: "Good morning, Kupipi! I have an important message from Kam'lanaut!"

A shock ran down your spine, it was impossible! How was it that Kam'lanaut was still here!? Once more, the voice returned to your mind

???: "Be not confuse! The events that have transpired in your world, have yet to happen here. Please! Forge a pact of Trust with new adventurers here! Your knowledge, experience, and bravery can help inspire others! Set straight the events of this world, and continue to set straight the events of all other worlds, until they all resonate and become one! It will be hard work reliving these events over and over, but this is a task I give to you! Go forth Warrior of Light!"

You are now a Trust, destined to travel the Worlds (Servers) of Vana'diel. You've been gifted by this Mysterious Light and may use 3 Jobs (MAX) Mastered. The Weapon forged can be any type. Construct yourself for the world to see. You may also have 4 Special Abilities/Weaponskills all your own. You are a Warrior of Light so, go all out as if SE could actually program this, have fun.

Zeargi - SMN/RUN/SCH

Weapon: Crystal Pact (Sword)
Special Abilities - Blood Pact: Forge

AI: Uses Light Art/Addendum and casts Enhancing spells only on self: Protect, Shell, Regen, Refresh, Stoneskin, Foil. Will cast appropriate -Na/Erase spell on self and His Trustee. Use Runes of elemental weakness of enemies when present, favoring 'Lux' or 'Tenebrae' if no element weakness is present, and picks between the two if a resistance is present. If an elemental type is cast on him, he will use the Bar-element spells and try to shift runes to counter the magical DMG. Uses Blood Pact: Forge to use a Blood Pact from an avatar favoring wards when applicable. Will use Blood Pact: Forge to try to close Skillchains using the previous used weaponskill of his Trustee as the base or until he learns his own Weaponskills. Zeargi has Four Weaponskills, and despite wielding a sword type uses 2 from the staff line: Savage Blade, Requiescat, Garland of Bliss, Gates of Tartarus (Meaning he gains no WS until Lv. 71+) If his TP is over 1000 and he has a Weaponskill unlocked, he will cast a weather spell on himself and wait for the Blood Pact: Forge Timer before using his Weaponskill. Will use Swipe after he opens and closes a Skillchain himself, no other time. If his Trustee drop to Critical HP, He will cast Cure Spells on him/her, but will not use anything other than 'Healing Ruby' or 'Healing Ruby II' on self, but will use 'Spring Water' instead if inflicted with Silence. He will never use the Following Blood Pacts: Pavor Nocturnus, Heavenward Howl, Level ? Holy, Pefect Defense, Zantetsuken, Raise II, or Glittering Ruby; he will however us Reraise II as his opening Blood Pact once he learns it on his Trustee only if no other form of Reraise is present. If his Trustee is a Summoner and they use Astral Flow, He too will use Astral Flow and copy whichever Blood Pact of the currently summoned Avatar. Possess Auto-Refresh II and a Special Blood Pact: Reaper's Claw (Diabolos Lv. 85) Physical strike that deals darkness DMG and siphons MP from the Target and transfers it to the user. Will only use this Blood Pact if an enemies has MP and his MP Pool is at 50% or Below..