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    Kind of new player looking for a Linkshell

    Hello all!

    I have always played by myself since the game first came out (because I just wanted to always be a solo player when I was younger), so it's safe to say that I have never really had any of my characters be high levels because of always being by myself and life getting in the way. I have missed this game so much and now have some time to play, so I am looking to join a linkshell that is willing to help me get to parts of the game that I have never been before or just to have fun in general. I really wouldn't mind if all the LS wants to do is just to have some fun with other fellow players. As you can see, I am currently a 28 RDM who plays in the EST zone and I usually jump on around 9/10ish pm till 12/1ish am. Hopefully I see some people in game having some fun!

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