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    Quote Originally Posted by Zekander View Post
    I have SCH leveled and geared, I've also used staff WS extensively on WHM and SMN. I have yet to find a setup that will break 10k on any WS with no support. That picture was obviously under an extreme circumstance. Either heavily supported, or exploiting a specific mechanic (such as a primeval brew in either abbysea or walk of echos).
    The sch was solo and it wasn't a brew. Was on some NM that wasn't Abyssea or WoE. I remember looking the NM up to see if it took extra damage from certain types or just in general and there was no info it did. I don't remember which NM though, this was around when the MB update and WS adjustments happened so it's been awhile.

    Quote Originally Posted by Zekander View Post
    Ok then. If that is all you are basing this thread on then nevermind. If you can indeed parse anywhere near a well played BLU then DRG has no problems whatsoever.*
    *no problems in damage dealing capacity that is
    The situation this happened in was with two Geo's, one of which had idris. I was also receiving Mighty Guard from the blu. The fights lasted only 60-90 seconds so most of the conditions were in my favor, at least more so than the blu. I would say JA delay removal on jumps and an increase to ws damage and we would probably be good. Also Shock spikes from Gungnir need to be fixed/changed to something else.
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