• A second floor will be added to Mog Houses.
    • About the Second Floor
      A second floor will be added to Mog Houses, enabling players to place more furnishings than ever before. However, there are several differences between the first and second floors as given below.
      • Size
        The second floor is slightly bigger than the first floor.
      • Moogles
        As there is no moogle on the second floor, players will be able to change the layout in the center of the floor as well.
      • Wall Layout
        Furnishing may be affixed to walls in more spaces at a total of four height levels.
      • Remodeling
        Room style may be freely switched between San d'Orian, Batsokan, and Windurstian themes.
        * Only the second floor's style may be changed.
      * Potted plants may not be cultivated on the second floor.
      * Furnishings place on the second floor will not grant moghancement effects.

    • Constructing the Second Floor
      Moogles located in the player's Mog House will give the player some details about the second floor, which will be constructed when players complete the following quests and then re-enter their Mog House.
      • Growing Flowers
      • A Lady's Heart
      • Flower Child.
      * Players who have already completed the above quests will need to first speak to the moogle about the second floor, leave their house, and then re-enter and speak with the moogle about second floor construction once more.
    • Heading to the Second Floor
      Players will be able to go to the second floor from the entrance of their Mog House.
      * Players who have been invited to another's Mog House will not be able to switch floors. To access the second floor, invitees must first leave the Mog House and be invited again once the inviter is on the second floor.
    • Mog Safe II
      Players with a second floor in the Mog House will be able to access a secondary Mog Safe. The Mog Safe II is identical to the original Mog Safe, and the number of items that can be stored within increases in line with the number of items storable in the Mog Safe.
  • During layout, spaces currently occupied by a furnishing but can have another furnishing placed on top of the existing one will now display in green.
  • It will be made easier to distinguish which section of space you have selected while laying out your Mog House.
  • Players will be able to choose between two different methods of moving the cursor when placing furniture.
  • A new option to disable furniture camera collision will be added.
  • Mog Gardens will undergo the following adjustments.
    • Monster Rearing will have a new maximum rank of four, with three new creature types added. Additionally, players will be able to have up to two creatures join their garden per Vana'diel day.
    • New Chacharoon Cheer effects will be added.
    • A New vendor NPC will be added to the Rearing Grounds.
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