Ranger was never really a solo job, and being one or not these days only matters too much in areas you can't summon trusts, important areas do exist however that you can not summon trusts, or that the trusts die easy.

I always felt that Ranger held an untapped potential with status bolts and arrows. Most of these are far too old to be that useful to anyone however. At one time using sleep arrows to solo worms was a valid level strategy however, if expensive. Please give updated versions of all status and elemental arrows and bolts! Since I started playing I always hoped that SE would release Gravity arrows for ranger don't let my dream die! Having upgraded Ice, Fire, Earth, Wind, Water, Lightning, Dark, Silence, Paralysis, Silence, Sleep, Poison, and weakens attack would be great for ranger, who is seemingly left behind in damage, and only used for safety. Safety which with the enmity updates, aren't as nice as they used to be.

You gave us ilvl versions of the weakens defense (2 diff kinds of it actually) and light bolts, which were some of the most used and we thank you! However please deliver on the rest and give us a gravity arrow! Our bind is a great tool but with a large cool down and doesn't allow us to kite like black mages, red mages, scholars etc can, and now BLU gets gravity on their biggest damage AoE nuke while it also seems added as a free effect on various weaponskills. For a job that to perform best has to be at range, the ability to enfeeble without a huge DPS hit and also keep prey at bay would help fix some of the falling behind in damage and utility we have lost, and seem we will lose more depending on how ardor updates go.

I know not all rangers will be onboard with this change, but if given to them I don't know any that would not welcome ilvl versions of all status bolts and arrows. And if not this change, please consider something for Ranger as I see it falling behind, safety isn't a big concern with the enmity changes, we can't compete with melee dps who even the non SAM can self chain now or mage damage, then what is left for ranger? Our huge varied mandatory delay between each shot doesn't help either, it doesn't seem to even be affected by snapshot/rapidshot.